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Got problem with my Sunrise Xcape. Seeking for help.

  1. qavk3000
    Hi, I just got problem with my Sunrise X-cape today. The story is, I often listen to music with it at night when I sleep. This morning, when I woke up, the wire is pulled a little too hard because I often roll when I sleep so it got tangled >"<. And I think it maybe the main cause for my IEM to be in the state where I can only listen from one of the ear. And actually before completely unlistenable for that ear, it still had some sound but not stable: like when I pull a little to the right or the left will make it able or not be able to listen to.
    Therefore now I want to know what's its problem and where can I seek for help in Newcastle upon Tyne - UK ?
    Thank you a lot in advanced
  2. kmhaynes
    Ouch -- that's a somewhat expensive mistake.  It's very likely you've pulled the cabling loose on the side that's not working, and there's really nothing you can do about it -- not many people will re-cable small IEMs like that, and it would likely cost you more than the price of a new pair.
    I would suggest some cheaper phones for sleeping so that when you tear them up you will not pay much to replace them again.  Save the nice phones for conscious listening!
  3. qavk3000
    OMG ...
    Thank you a lot for your information. So there's nothing I can do now :frowning2:(. Bye bye my baby :frowning2:(((
  4. kmhaynes
    I can't give you a definite yes/no answer, but there's a good bit of discussion here about IEM cables and how durable they are/are not.  People re-cable full size headphones quite often, but I don't see much discussion of recabling small IEM phones.
    You might try emailing Sunrise Audio ( Service.sunriseaudio@gmail.com ) to ask if they can fix them for you, and then depending on the charge, shipping, etc, you can decide whether to do that or buy a new pair -- with plans to probably not sleep with them!
  5. jlopes89
    The case or shell of my x-cape came apart a while back when I was removing the entire piece from my ear, exposing the inside. From what I could remember, there is this tiny speaker with two thin wires soldered to it and luckily I did not damage them and needed to close the shell snugly and be very careful from that day onwards. I understand it is difficult to reconnect a wire mid-point, much less than finding the breaking point, but perhaps you can find a local shop that can replace the cord instead of mailing it back to Sunrise (I suspect the postage back and forth and repair charge would probably come close to buying a new pair), so warranty or not...... Could be a DIY project as well. I personally don't understand why they make these so flimsy as I myself have to be very careful handling mine. 

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