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Sunreise AS-Feeling earbud review.

  1. KCrabbe
    I bought these from Bugden Audio a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend Bugden. Easy transaction, great communication, quick shipping. Couldn't ask for more. I paid $39.99 USD. The buds came very well packaged. They came with a set of standard foams and a set of donuts. The foam on these seems a little thicker which helps with the fit. The cord is a little short at 1.2 meters (about 3'11"). The buds themselves are plastic, but seem very sturdy and overall build quality is good. They also come with the best case I've seen yet. A little zip around deal that seems bullet-proof. 
    The first thing you notice is that these buds look exactly like the Yuin PK series. They fit great. They sit deep in the ears and don't move around or fall out. I wish more earbud makers would adopt this form factor. When I plugged them in to my Rockboxed Clip+ with no EQ setting the first thing I thought was, "I'm gonna have to turn the bass down on these." I'm not a big bass guy so your mileage may vary. The bass is strong and warm. Not a punchy, crisp bass. But a fat rounded bass. Not boomy though. I like it. The mids are about the same. They are upfront and clear. Vocals are nice and along with the bass make a very pleasing, full sound. The treble though I found lacking. It's there, but not very prominent. I'd say the sound is shaped like a pear. If that makes any sense. The soundstage was too narrow for me. I've been listening to Sennheiser MX 580's though, and the soundstage on those is very open and airy. I found the Sunrise to be a little claustrophobic.
    Are these PK3 killers? Not for me. The sound of the Feeling is very warm. Too warm for me. There is a brightness missing. I tweaked and fiddled for the past couple of weeks trying to get the sound I wanted and never quite got there. These ARE very good buds though. The warm sound will make a lot of people happy and should allow for long listening without fatigue. I just could not fight the feeling that I wish they were brighter sounding. I would definitely recommend these buds to people stepping up from stock buds. They are a step waaaaay up. They do what they do very well. They just were not for me. That does not mean that you won't love them.
    Well that's my first review. Hope it all made sense.---Kurt
  2. ethan961
    Hello Kurt,
    Glad your order arrived quickly and safely.
    How long did you burn your set in for? I was told by Sunrise that 150 hours or so of burn-in are ideal in achieving the final sound signature.
    The AS series was designed to focus on the mids, which fits right into what Yuin did not cover in focusing on the bass and highs. As such, one can expect them to sound different than the PK series.
    In any case, nice review!
  3. KCrabbe
    Thanks ethan----I only have about 60 hours in them. I'll put em through some more listening and burning. The only reason I mentioned the PK3's was because of a thread somewhere where these might be "PK3 killers". The PK3, for better or worse, seems to be the comparison point for all buds less that $50. I'm going to try and get these to "open up" a bit.
  4. robjrock
    Nice review. 
    Just wondering how does the Sunrise bass compare to the Yuin PK3 bass? I own the PK3s I really like them but I expected them too be bassier. I wear them with two foam covers over each earpiece to try and up the bass a bit. Do the Sunrise Feelings have more bass quantity? What about with the donuts vs standard foam covers?  
  5. KCrabbe
    Robjrock---- I'd say the bass output is a little better in the Sunrise. The PK3 has a punchier, more direct bass. The Sunrise has a little boomier bass. It's not a huge boomy bass though. It's more rounded. Also the Sunrise focuses more on the mids, maybe helping the overall bass sound a little more. Neither one are bass monsters. It's really a tough call. I have not tried the donuts, so I really can't help you there. My explanation probably doesn't help too much, I'm afraid. If you have the extra cash, the AS-Feeling is definately worth a try.
  6. robjrock
    Thanks very helpful. After initially being a bit disappointed with the bass quantity I've come to quite like the PK3s. They sound so warm and natural. I might still give the sunrise feelings a go. Can always sell the ones I like the least [​IMG]

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