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Sunrise SW-XCAPE & ECCI PR300

  1. CLK1234
    Before I begin my review, I have burn in my earphone for 50hours.I am not new to the world of In-ear-monitors (IEM). I own 2 IEMS - Shure E3C and Etymotics, ER6i. And yes, after listening to these higher-end IEMS, my ears become picky towards quality music.
    ECCI PR300
    The PR300 is what I would consider to be more value for money of the two. Even without amp-ing, the details were easily heard. The bass is pretty strong. So much so that it is a tad overly bassy for my liking. However, the only setback is that it is lower than average on the vocals. Having said so, it is still a good option and will meet most people’s expectations.
    Sunrise SW-XCAPE
    The XCAPE without amp-ing pales in comparison with the PR300 in terms of details. The base is also somewhat weak. The plus point is that the vocals are much better than the PR300. All is not lost yet. I decided to use them with an amp. I must say that the XCAPE with an amp blows your mind away. No matter in what expect, it PWNS the PR300. The details become more apparent. The base is becomes more enhanced. So much so that it is almost on par with my Shure E3C!
    My final take
    Get the PR300 if you are a base-head. Avoid them, if you like clarity or vocals
    As for the XCAPE, they are pretty neutral w/o the amp, making it a good all rounder. You won’t go wrong with the XCAPE. 

    Source: iPhone4 (wide genre of songs used) 
  2. NCT
    Thank you for your impression. May I ask you what's the amp you use with Xcape? 
  3. edvardd
    I'd also like some amp recommendations for X-scape.
  4. Anaxilus


  5. edvardd
    Around 60 $
  6. Anaxilus
  7. edvardd
    Thank you for the recommendation Anaxilus! I am considering it, will read more about it. But as ClieOS said in another thread, he thought I'd be fine without an amp. Hmm!
  8. Anaxilus


    By all means, you can always add an amp later if you feel the need.

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