1. Mr Artistic

    Looking for a replacement for my MEElectronics M9 for around $30-70.

         I'm fairly new to this site and I've been doing research on something that's a step up from my M9, but also something that is fairly similar. At first, I was favoring the Xears XE200PRO, and than I saw the price tag at 89 euros (although I was also contemplating on whether I would get the...
  2. frogears

    Can't decide which earphones to get

    Hi, my Westone UM1 just broke and time for me to replace it to use with my iPhone (No Amps) I listen to all sorts of music, but would preferably have an earphone which is more analytical with good emphasis on clarity of singer's voice. After many hours spent on reading reviews and surveying, I...
  3. ClieOS


    Again, I’ll like to thank delonicdevil for sending me the samples. ECCI has been quite a budget oriented brand on all their previous IEM, having bang-for-the-bucks factor almost as good as its competitors in the sub US$50 category (PR100, PR200 and PR300 have been reviewed here). However, the...
  4. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] ECCI PR100, PR200 and PR300 - Pop and Rock in Trio

    First, I’ll like to thank delonicdevil (which is also a member in the forum and on eBay) for sending me the samples. ECCI is the brand from the same company that brought us the Storm portable amp and Cyclone IEM a while back. As the business grew, the company decided to up its game with a new...
  5. CLK1234

    Sunrise SW-XCAPE & ECCI PR300

      Before I begin my review, I have burn in my earphone for 50hours.I am not new to the world of In-ear-monitors (IEM). I own 2 IEMS - Shure E3C and Etymotics, ER6i. And yes, after listening to these higher-end IEMS, my ears become picky towards quality music.   ECCI PR300 The PR300 is...
  6. alfredkc

    M9 or ECCI PR300?

    What the difference between the M9 and ECCI PR300? what are their sound signature? and which 1 is better? feel interest in this two items after viewing so many reviews and wonder which 1 to buy. Hope u all can give me some suggestion..thanks
  7. ljokerl

    Review: ECCI PR300 - Pinch of pepper, dash of salt

      Intro   ECCI (formerly known as Cyclone), the earphone division of Chinese amp manufacturer Storm, has been mentioned here at head-fi most often in relation to the excellent but now-defunct PR1 Pro and PR2 in-ears. Their first two ECCI-branded earphones, the PR100 and PR200, went largely...
  8. zest

    Any infos about ECCI PR300 ?

    Hi all,   I've been searching for reviews about these phones, especially compared to PR200, I'd like to know if the sound signature is close to them and if they're big improvements.  ...
  9. ECCI PR300

    ECCI PR300

    In ear headphones.