1. Unreal88

    Replacement for Sunrise SW-xcape.

    I'm looking for some new IEMs to replace my Sunrise SW-xcape. They broke down a long time ago and I have bought a lot of IEMs since but none of them really pleased me. I'm looking into:    Branwavz B2, Vsonic  GR07 Vsonic VSD1       Or the new xcited or xcape IE?   Any tips?  I...
  2. jungkyu

    I need help fixing my sunrise xcape's

    Hi, I dont really know if this is the right part of the forums but mods can just move this thread if so. Anyways, my sunrise Xcape ie's just broke. The wire inside the housing broke off from the circuit board. I was just going to resolder them, but I'm kind of confused. When I took a look at the...
  3. eltocliousus

    £100 IEMs, a little confused on what to get.

    I'm currently using a Sansa clip+ and FiiO E11, and looking to upgrade from my Brainwavz M4s, I've set a budget of £100 ($160) but I can't make a decision and would like some opinions, my music preferences are varied, I listen to just about everything except rock/metal, emphasis on vocal...
  4. Kansho

    IEMs with forward mids (budget around 70$)

    Hello everyone, I'm searching for a new iem and hope you could help me with some suggestions. I currently own a pair of brainwavz m4 which have great clarity and a nice bass but i find the mids to be lacking. Therefore I would prefer it if the mids were more upfront and intimate, for me...
  5. BullHorn

    In-Ears for travel under $150

    Hi guys, I have some decent full-sized headphones for use at home (Ultrasone Pro 900, AKG K240, Audio Technica D40fs) but when traveling, I use a cheap pair of Sennheiser CX300-II which is possibly a fake.   I'm willing to spend $150US at the most. I already have a couple of portable...
  6. OpenToAnything

    **Which In-Ear Moniter?** (How does the Astrotec AM90 compare)

    My first proper headphone that I bought is the Shure SRH550DJ. Before that, I used the earphones that come with your mobile phones. I have had them for over two months now and also like to have a pair a in-ear moniters that sound like the Shure but slightly more fun sounding but not exactly...
  7. mukherjee

    [Suggestion] Need Balanced Armature Earphones(IEMs) (abt $100)

    Well,I have just recently joined(as u can sure well see!!) Head-Fi coz I was advised by friends to seek the experts' guidance from here .   As u might have guessed(and even if u haven't ), I'm from India.   Disclaimer: If the post looks too flashy,forgive me,I only wanted to make it...
  8. jowens

    Replace jack on Sunrise Xcape IE?

    My 9 month old xcapes have developed a short at the end of the jack. They only play on 1 side, but if If I press on the end of the jack, where it meets the cable, I get normal sound on both sides.  I really like the phones, and wonder if it is possible and worth it to get then repaired?  ...
  9. Sonorously

    Help picking a DAC/AMP. (HUD-MX1, E7+E9, or something else)

    Hi I was wondering what would be a good dac/amp for me to buy. I'm looking for a portable dac/amp that can be used with a laptop and desktop and I have ~$200 to spend.   I've been considering the following: Audinst HUD-MX1 FiiO E7+E9 uDAC FiiO E11 A majority of my music is either...
  10. keanex

    [Review] Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition, Excellent All-Rounder IEMs

        I would like to thank Mr. Cong of Sunrise for the chance to review these fantastic IEMs. I would like to leave a note here that I received these in Sunrise Xcape packaging, but Mr. Cong has assured me that these are the Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition.   Pros: Warm pleasing sound...
  11. d4free

    Sunrise Xcape IE broken?

    Hi u all..   I had a question. I recently purchased the Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition after reading a lot of reviews from Lendmeurears. I've recieved them on sept 30 2011. After only a couple days they seem to malfunction since yesterday. There is some major sound+volume loss on the...
  12. mark2410

    Sunrise i100 Review

      Sunrise i100 Review   Thanks to UKheadphones and Sunrise Audio for the samples.   First impressions:  Well I wasn’t expecting to get anything else in the package, erm what are they?  (I later found out they are to be called i100’s) obviously it’s got a mic on it so it’s easy to tell...
  13. mark2410

    Sunrise Audio Xcape Impressive Edition Review

      Sunrise Audio Xcape Impressive Edition Review       Thanks to Frogbeats for the sample     First Impression:  Don’t get me started on the name and the “Impressive Edition” over v1 and v2 and then “Impressive Edition” it’s stupidly confusing for no reason, just give different...
  14. PoobBubes

    Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition VS. MEElectronics CC51 VS. MEElectronics A151 VS. Brainwavz M3

    In my quest to find to the perfect Warm + Sweet IEM, these are the four contenders. I am an audiophile newbie so any help on deciding the victor is appreciated. I listen to all genres of music but probably Hip/Hop Rap the least and Hard Rock + Folk/Singer Songwriter the most. I will also be...
  15. esanthosh

    [Review]: Sunrise Audio XCited

    Introduction   Thanks to Lend Me Ur Ears for the review sample.   Unusually (for me), Sunrise Audio did not get my attention last year with their IEM (XCape v1), but with their ear buds, especially the AS-Charm. I am more an IEM addict than an ear bud enthusiast and hence did not buy any...
  16. Danchou

    ATH-M50 achieved, time for good IEM's

    Hey guys,   I got my ATH-M50 a week ago, upgraded from 20 € IEM. I of course love them, but i would rather like something more portable, so I was thinking on switching back to IEM or get a pair besides the M50. The ATH-M50 also drain my Galaxy S i9000 way too fast. I don't want to lose the...
  17. Shark

    Dunu vs. Monster

    I have been lurking on here and reading up on things to help me make decisions, but have never needed to post. You guys are so dang thorough - thanks!   That goes until now because no one has pointed this out yet.    Dunu is exactly copying Monster. Ares = Turbine   etc   Am I...
  18. Danchou

    ATH-M50 achieved, time for good IEM's

    Hey guys,   I got my ATH-M50 a week ago, upgraded from 20 € Phillips IEM. I love them, but i would rather like something more portable for the bus drive, so I was thinking on switching back to IEM or get a pair besides the M50. The ATH-M50 also drain my Galaxy S i9000 way too fast. I don't...
  19. rickysio

    Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition Review

    Thanks to lendmeurears.com for the sample. Specifications: Driver: 9mm Neodymium Impedance: 32ohm Sensitivity: 118db + 3db Cable length: 1.2m Frequency Range: 16-24,000Hz Connection: 3.5mm Packaging and accessories: A very compact, a cuboid box measuring 8x8x8.5cm (L x B x D) adorned with an...
  20. 7Virtues

    Sunrise Xcited or Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition?

    Looking for some solid IEM's to replace my few year old NE-6's.   Which would be better for me?   I mostly listen to: -Rock -Rap/Hip Hop    
  21. cmicon

    Fresh come to say hello!!!~~~

    hello,you guys .this is the first time i come here and i just look for your supporting. here are my equipments : colorfly hifi pocket C4,yuin PK1,sunrise SW-Xcape ,how about them???      
  22. martecan

    New to quality IEMs: Need help comparing Sunrise Audio SWXcape, the RE0, and the RE Zero

    Hello everyone,   I'd like to begin by saying that I'm very new to researching quality IEMs, and I have spent all day poring over these forums both yesterday and today looking for what I should buy to replace my old headphones.  I've gathered the sentiment that the RE0 and the RE-Zero are...
  23. aphidian

    My experience with the Sunrise SW Xcapes (V1).

    Skip to the end if you want the short version. Ok, I've had my Sunrise SW Xcapes for just under half a year now (got them as a Christmas present last year) so I have a lot to say about them. I try to go in depth about everything I've experienced with them over the six months. I don't know any...
  24. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] Sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition

    First, I’ll like to thank Sunrise for the sample. Sunrise has had its up and down this year so far but they are not slowing down. Knowing that the China-market-oriented Xcape v2 missed its mark on the Western front, Sunrise is more than ready to replace it with something more worthy of being...
  25. tuahogary

    [Review] Sunrise SW-Xcape Impressive Edition

        The Xcape IE comes with a nice case, three sizes of silicone tips, a pair of biflange tips and a shirt clip     The Xcape IE (top) with the EX1000 (left) and HJE900 (right)   I had a chance to loan the new Sunrise SW-Xcape Impressive Edition from a fellow Head-Fier and...