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My experience with the Sunrise SW Xcapes (V1).

  1. aphidian
    Skip to the end if you want the short version.

    Ok, I've had my Sunrise SW Xcapes for just under half a year now (got them as a Christmas present last year) so I have a lot to say about them. I try to go in depth about everything I've experienced with them over the six months. I don't know any of the technical terms, either, so this review should hopefully be easy to understand for everyone.

    Anyway, when I first got them out of the box the first thing that I noticed was that they felt a bit flimsy. The wire didn't seem (to me) to be as high a quality as I'd expect for £50 earphones. The metal sticker on the hard case also came off almost immediately. I wasn't too bothered about that, but I thought I'd give it a mention. Wasn't too happy with the sound at first. I could hear everything clearly but the bass was almost absent, especially when compared to the CX 300's which I had gotten used to (I know cheaper headphones put a focus on bass, but in either case). The sound also seemed kind of cold, it took a while to get used to.

    After less than a month of heavy use (and by heavy use I mean I wear these pretty much all day every day and often accidentally fall asleep with them in), the case on the left bud came apart. I expected much more from these seeing as I had someone pay £50 for them, and compared to my CX 300's (that were less than half the price and have received the same treatment) that feel far more solid and haven't come apart yet even after a year, although unfortunately the sound stopped working on one side .

    I did tape the broken case back up with some electrical tape, and all was well again. Another month or so down the line the wire was exposed where the wire meets the left bud. It was already evident that the build quality of them was poor, so it didn't really surprise me. I taped that back up and decided to reinforce the right bud with tape as well.

    Back to the sound, after about four months there was a very noticeable difference in the sound. Everything started to sound a lot warmer, and the bass finally started to shine through. It doesn't overpower everything else like the CX 300's did, but it is certainly present. All the music I listen to (classical, jazz, pop, soul, electronic.. old and new) sounds wonderful with these. I also use these when I play PC games, I can now hear when creatures/players are trying to sneak up on me, which is always a good thing.

    Skip another two months to today (just under six months after first getting them) the wire on the right bud became exposed, which again I taped up. I'm honestly surprised they're still working, and I hope they continue working for at least another 6 months. As of today, the sound in the right bud has started to get a bit funny. Fading in and out. It's gone.


    - Sound is excellent across many genres of music, they seem to suit classical best

    - If you like bassy headphones these probably are not for you

    - Build quality is very, very poor (first started falling apart in under a month of heavy usage)

    - Comes with a nice hard case with extra tips

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend these to anybody. The sound is great, but they are just far too flimsy. Definitely not worth £50.
    From now on I'll be sticking to known brands.
  2. dfrost
    Are these Xcape V.1 or V.2? I'm guessing the latter, since you said they arrived at Christmas, and I believe that the V.1's (with tapered versus straight housings between the silver split line and the nozzles) stopped showing up sometime in Fall, 2010.
  3. aphidian
    No, they're version 1. A user on here was selling them on eBay. I'm hoping they weren't a fake pair or something.
  4. Anaxilus
    Agree on the sound.  I'm glad mine are still looking and working great.  Not sure why but basically every IEM I've actually owned myself has yet to experience technical problems.  Except the cables on my old Shures.
  5. aphidian
    I've only owned two pairs so far, and both have had problems. Perhaps I'm too rough with them, or I just have bad luck.
  6. nivrethejugg
    I have a V2. Sent it back once and the second one has the housing on one side split apart. If not for the build quality, I would not have upgraded.
    They are still very good for the money though.
  7. aphidian
    Why did you send it back for the first time? Apparently these come with a 1 year warranty.. Think mine will be covered still?
  8. nivrethejugg
    Possible. They should send you a new unit.
    Sound went out on both sides for my old one so it is possible that the jack failed. These were my first decent IEMs and them failing on me within 2 months was just disappointing.
    Anyway, I bought mine from lendmeurears and the guy told me after he asked a series of questions to send it to him and he will send me a new one once he receives mine, which he did without fail. Where did you buy yours?
  9. aphidian
    Someone on here was selling them on eBay. I was told eBay should have a 1 year warranty, which I'll have to look into I suppose.
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Someone here? Is (s)he a dealer, or just another user? Buying form eBay doesn't automatically give you warranty. Worst case the Xcape you have might be a secondhand.
  11. aphidian
    Yeah, I found out about the SW Xcapes here and found a user here that was selling some on eBay, they still sell them apparently. All their auctions listed say they have a one year warranty, so I'll see if I could (very hopefully) get a replacement or a refund.. They were probably just a dud pair.
  12. goodvibes
    The extra bass after a few month could be from the wire becoming exposed or case split by creating more venting for the case.
  13. nivrethejugg
    Link us where you bought them from. Should help.
  14. aphidian
    I'd like to get in contact with the seller by myself first, and if he/she is ok with me posting it here then I will.
  15. Hayang
    the XCape I had performed well for some 3 months, but then one day the plastic piece that slides up and down the two wires to the earpieces and holds the two wires together got caught on a wire.  Because the inside edge of the plastic piece is not too round, it stripped the coating off of one cable, and eventually the exposed cable frayed and became unusable.  I was disappointed.
    Hopefully the Fischer Eternas will serve me better.

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