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Is there a Yuin pk3 killer for similar money?

  1. what?
    Ive had some pk3s for about 2 years, im always impressed with them when i wear them, beautiful sound, a little lacking in bass with standard fit but bass can be improved with a little pressure. 
    im buying a present for someone
    are they still the best *sq*  $40 ear bud?
    anything else i could consider?
  2. Angelopsaro
    Am not an expert so i cant suggest you something specific.
    But check out this threat. Lots of options near pk3 and at the same price.
  3. Angelopsaro
    mistake post
  4. swbf2cheater
    im so unloved
  5. AudiA4
    Sunrise AS-Feeling if you love mid.

  6. qawsedrf
    Just to chip in a little.. Actually the PK3 has bass as deep (if not deeper) than the PK1, just not as "big", bass extension doesn't goes as wide across the spectrum.
    With portable players, yes, the bass sounds like a small tapping stick, has a little impact but sounds very small. However, the Yuin PK3 (not just on bass) will scale very, very well with amplification, and to me, the relative scale of improvement is more than the difference between PK2/1 unamped and amped. Heck, I tend to use my PK1 unamped on my Shuffle, the basic characteristic of the Yuin PK1 is there, just not as refined. The PK3 on the other hand will sound rather different after amping.
    Oh and remember to put foams on else they just sound plain weird.
    what?, you may consider the MX580 as well, pretty good for the price. I'm not with swbf2cheater on this though, but I do feel the MX580 does have its own good points. In particular the mids which are more lush and easier to listen to (compared to PK3 where the mids may sound just a hint drier). Some people might like the volume control attached on the cable (though I don't), so if you know your friend will love having something with a VC on the cable.. Why not?

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