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Lets Play Head-Fi Desert Island

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  1. JosephKim
    Im bored at work with about 30 minutes until I get off so I thought Id post something random.
    If you were stuck on a desert island and had to choose one..
    1. IEM
    2. Portable DAP
    3. CD (Name artist and title)
    4. Food
    ..what would it be :D
  2. kmhaynes
    A DAP with only 1 CD on it??  What a waste of space!  OK, I'll go along.
    1) either Sunrise SW-Xcape or Ety ER-4P
    2) Rockbox'd Sansa Fuze
    3) Jeff Buckley "Grace"
    4) Maine Lobster
  3. TheGame21x
    1) RE0
    2) Rockboxed Sansa Fuze
    3) Too hard to pick just one
    4) Fried Shrimp
  4. jleewach
    1.) Ety ER4S
    2.) Walkman X series (plus amp)
    3.) Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
    4.) Chinese takeout (doesnt really matter what it is, just as long as it's covered in MSG)
  5. VaSpn
    1) Yamaha YH-5m
    2) iPod Touch 4G 
    3) Daniel Lanois - Shine
    4) Roast Chicken :)
  6. Murmaider
    1. SuperFi 5vi
    2. not really dap but i'd take my HD2
    3. Markus Schulz - Progression
    4. Steak fajitas
  7. aangen
    1. Shure SE5335
    2. Apple Ipod 160GB (7th Gen)
    3. Double Nickles on the Dime - The Minutemen
    4. Grape Leaves (lots of them)
  8. deadhead12
    Well, considering I couldn't charge the batteries I'd go for:
    1) FAD 1601SC - doubles as a weapon
    2) HM-801- same reason as above
    3) Bob Marley-Survival
    4)Whatever critters I can kill with my 801 and FAD's
  9. Uncle Erik Contributor
    1. Apple iBuds (or, really, anything)
    2. Yaesu FT-857
    3. No CDs, just the radio section on the FT-857 would make me happy
    4. I love seafood - anything I could spearfish or net would make me happy
  10. Dr-Atrocious
    1. Shure SE425s (I could hang myself with its wire if it gets all crappy on the island)
    2. Samsung P3 (I absolutely love its DNSe 3.0 sound engine)
    3. Perhaps the Blue Man Group's Audio CD?
    4. A blueberry pie starfish, or sea star. (It could keep regenerating blueberry pies!)
  11. Yggdrassilious
    1. TF10
    2. iPod Touch 4g (can't really drive TF10s right, but angry birds and other games will keep me happy)
    3. No CD, save space for apps!
    4. Chinese buffet items. 
  12. Ouspensky
    1-monster turbine
    2-ipod classic (120)
    3-any random metal cd from my collection...
    4-an atomica (mexican style seafood cocktail)
  13. Leonard
  14. yyoo
    1. Ortofon e-q7
    2. iPod touch 4g
    3. Eva Cassidy - Songbird
    4. Uni
  15. goodvibes
    1. JH13s
    2. Ipod touch 3g, amp wouldn't hurt.
    3. Radiohead - The Bends
    4. rack of lamb
    1. Brainwaves M1s
    2. Fuze
    3. George Duke
    4. Rice crispy treats
    1. Free air
    2. rock them coconuts
    3. One just wont do but I'm not well versed with coconuts[​IMG]
    4. More coconuts or cyanide due to #3
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