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little review, big impression on Sunrise AS-Charm

  1. AudiA4
    When I asked my friend for a good earbud, many immediately regarded Yuin series. I was convinced but the price of PK1 is too high, in fact, for that price I can have more than one good in-ear headphones. I have followed the reviews of Sunrise Charm for nearly one month. After receiving good responses, I decided to get one for me.
    I’ve just bought this earbud from ebay UK one week ago, half price cheaper than a Yuin PK1. After one week listening, I must say that Charm has made a big impressions.
    I don’t want to talk much about the build quality as I have little concerned with that. Charm comes with a cube-shaped box, some pairs of foam, one hardcase and a 3.5mm to 6.3mm audio jack. The shape of the earbuds is brilliant, I feel totally comfortable while carrying it for hours.
    Now I am gonna move on quality. I love the way which this earbud delivers the sound, I must say very balanced. Bass is clear and warm, however not deep and heavy, fortunately, I don’t like heavy metal or death metal, blah blah. Speaking fairly, the sound of classic rock songs is not bad, bass is solid, the sound of electric guitar and drum are very clear.  Mid range sound is soft and smooth. Lastly, the high frequency sound, which I consider the most, is very bright and clear.
    From my point of view, the charm would be suitable for most of musical kinds such as pop, rock, RnB, classical or instrumental. Especially, for relaxing music or songs which mainly perform vocals, Charm must be the best option, regarding earbud headphones, very smooth and soft. However, for those whose favourite kinds are rock or jazz, they might need an in-ear earphones or full-size headphones rather than earbuds. Sunrise Charm, I think, do the best of what the current earbuds can do.
    Many previous reviews says that the sound of charm is hard to drive, therefore, I think I will need an amplifier which might improve the current performance of my Charm earbuds. Could you please guide me a good one with the budget of under 30 pounds.
    Some photos of Charm:
  2. AudiA4
     charm is available on uk ebay, more than 2 hours left for bidding, good luck to those who want to buy it.
  3. mcnoiserdc
    well I have one, and so far I love it even unamped.
  4. Nebby Contributor
    Are you in any way associated with the seller? Seeing statements like this directly following a glowing review makes me a bit skeptical...

  5. FrederikS|TPU
    They are surprisingly good for the price. I think a FiiO E5 or similar will be a good match for a budget setup. I have posted reviews of the Sunrise products at techPowerUp.com if anyone should be interested. The build quality of the samples I received was equal to that of Yuin products. 
  6. mcnoiserdc
    Well mine looks solid and sounds great.I love it. I have had high quality headphones and earphones like hd600, triple fi 10, hje900, esw9... but I still love the as-charm. I just don't know how to tell it.

  7. Alpha & Delta
    I have tried it with an E5. Is a good minor boost but i feel that it colours the sound a little. Maybe a Cmoy? I am not so sure. THey are probably the best you can get at 30 pounds I suppose [​IMG]
  8. tyrael
    The Charm may sound better with an amp, but they don't require one. My S9 can easily drive them, and even when unamped they sound really good
    I don't know about the cmoy, but the E5 is pretty rubbish IMO, it makes music sounds a lot worse
  9. AudiA4
    i can't imagine how the sound is driven, please anyone explain to me?
    @nebby: no. i bought it from ebay, just saw the deal in the my ebay home page.

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