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MX581 alternative earbud (not iem)

  1. goodsound
    I have a pair of MX581 and they work great for me. I like the sound and more importantly they are a good fit in my ears (small). I have tried many other earbuds they become uncomfortable (too big) for me after just a few minutes of listening. Even the apple headphones that came with my 4th gen ipod touch feel a tad big. Now I need another pair and dont want to spend more than $30 - even less if I could.
    And IEMs are not for me, dont like putting things that far in my ears
    So what is out there right now that I can conisder ? Please advise.
  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    Wait, I'm not sure I understand, did the MX581 break?  If not, why not just stick with them as you already like them?
  3. goodsound
    well the MX581 are no longer available and I just want another pair of earbuds. Makes sense ?

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