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Need help choosing earphones with volume control

  1. wcstick
    I'm quite new to the audio equipment scene so bear with me. I'm looking for a set of earphones to replace my last pair, which were the ones that came with (or used to come with) hp laptops. They are my benchmark for earphones because they weren't in-ear and they had a sliding volume control and I thought the sound quality was good (enough). So now I'm looking for a new pair to replace them that's decently cheap but has the same or better quality and still has an in-line volume control. I don't mind if they're in-ear though.
    (I have been looking at Sennheiser MX580, MX581, CX 281, CX400-II, and Koss KE29 but have no idea how good/bad they are.)
    I need recommendations for earphones that have volume control for under $30.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Xcellent
    Hello there wcstick,
    I cannot say how those products sound like execpt the CX400-II, But I am afraid you will not make the $30 budget with the CX400-II, but if you can definetly go for it!!
    I suggest look on the reviews of these products and compare which one is best for you.
    Review: Sennheiser MX580 / MX581
    Review: Sennheiser CX280 /CX280 Could not find alot about the CX281, There's more information about the CX280
    Review: Sennheiser CX400-II ( If you want to ask any questions about these one just ask, since this is the only product I owned from the list you named. )
    Review: Koss KE29
    I hope you can make a good decision out of this. I think Its better to spend about $15 -$25 more for the CX400-II so you got a much better sound quality and it has a sliding Volume Control. Its also a much better upgrade from the stock earbuds. IMO.
    Let us know what you pick!! [​IMG]
  3. wcstick
    I've been looking around for the CX400-II but Amazon is out of stock and I'm not sure where else to get them. I'm concerned about buying them from ebay sellers in case they're fake. Are there any signs that they're fake or real?
  4. Xcellent
    I think it's best to purchase them from an authorized retailer. You won't have any trouble with warranty issue's and you know there 100% real. For me that is worth the extra money.
    Here is the list from the authorized retailer in the USA.
    Here is the list of authorized retailers in all the countries.
    If you do buy them from eBay or another site where the authenticity is questionable you can look on the sites below for pictures from members of this forum.
    Good luck with the purchase :)
  5. wcstick
    I found Sennheiser CX 500-B on Amazon for $30.55. They're usually $119.95 and I'm fairly hesitant about buying them because of the insane reduction in price. They're sold from a company called A1 Accessories and I know nothing about that company. Comparing the pictures from Amazon and the Sennheiser site, the 500s are "supposed" to be chrome but only for the gaming version. I can't find 500-Bs on the Sennheiser site either so I'm not entirely sure about the legitimacy of the ones on Amazon. Should I still buy them?
  6. Xcellent


    I guess you meant this one?
    Amazon is an authorzied dealership within the USA, but A1 Accessories  is not Fulfilled by Amazon itself. Even though the feedback looks legit. I've seen other threads about buying fake's from Amazon and people do indeed get fake's from buying here.
    I suggest you buy them here, they are sold by a company called HeadphoneJack. They are Fulfilled by Amazon.
    And the price difference is not that much. They offer free shipping so you only lose about $2.
  7. batphink
    RadioShack has an in-line volume control for $8.  Works with all stereo headphones with a 3.5mm plug
    I have 2 (latop and Zune) and they work great.
  8. wcstick
    I have decided to go with the MX580 because I didn't want to risk ordering a fake Sennheiser and I didn't choose the Koss KE29 because it has a J cord. I hope the MX580s don't disappoint.
  9. Xcellent
    Nice, I hope you'll like it. Let us know what you think of it!

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