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Best Earbuds under $50

  1. Erick3150
    I'm looking for some good quality ear-buds under $50. Ive been looking around but just cant find the right ones. It can be a little over $50 just not too much. I don't want any of beats crap or those skullcandy toys.
  2. kuse50
    earbud? yuin pk3, hisound paa1 pro or sennheiser mx580/mx581..
  3. Erick3150
    Ok thanks earbuds. In-Ear Earphones.Thanks again Ill see which one i get.
  4. Erick3150
    Good ones but im looking for something more like this.
  5. Freefallr4545
    I have neer heard those Klipsch but I hve read some really good things about them What type of music do you like to listen too?
  6. hema
    i have them and they sound nice...  comfortable for long listening... nice noise isolation... lifelike sound...
  7. Artem
    Alternatively, you can put your faith in the reviews and go with their suggestions. |joker| has got a pretty impressive thread with 295 IEM reviewed. It could serve as a good start point to find one that you like..
  8. kuse50
    wow klipsch s4 just for $55? u can grab one if u like warm sounding iem with good quantity of bass :)

    other alternatives, u can try vsonic gr06, or gr07 second hand :)
  9. Erick3150
    Ok Ill see which ones ill get. I like music like Draftpunk, Duran Duran, Journey etc. Stuff like that.
  10. Tommy C
    You may wanna look into Brainwavz from MP4 Nation. It's seems like the M4 or M5 might work for you.
  11. Hugh Jorgan
    I know I'm probably gonna get flamed for this, but I've got a $12 pair of JLabs J2 in-ear headphones and I think they ROCK!   Obviously they're nowhere near "audiophile" quality, but they're decent earbuds and produced better bass than anything else I've tried under $50. Honestly, considering the price, they sound fantastic.  If heavy bass isnt a requirement to you, try the MEElectronics A151. 
    However, if you're willing spend a bit more than $50, I've listen through a pair of Thinksound TS02 and they were the BEST sounding earbuds I've ever tried. All the clarity of the A151's with better bass response.  They can be had for around $80 and they're worth EVERY PENNY!!

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