1. padovarsc

    Sennheiser HD 425, 70s

    Hi   First post on this forum although I have been following threads.   I wanted to ask what people think of the Sennheiser HD 425 headphones. I'm interested in purchasing a pair of the retro ones. I think they are from the last 70s. I already have some Pioneed SE L40. What does everyone...
  2. ItalianDrummer

    New IEM's raccomandation?(40-50€)

    Hi there =) My left Sennheiser MX-470 stopped to live =( so I have to change them, but, beacouse of my inexperience, I suppose that it's better to ask you =) I'm quite scared that IEMs are going to be uncomfortable... But many people says that their quality is much better than other...
  3. shch13

    Want more Bass with your Ultimate Ears? Try this!

    I've been using the UE400's the most expensive dynamic driver IEM from UE for the past 5 months. I like its clarity and detailed sound, sparkling treble, and a wonderfully spacious sound-stage. Only thing I don't like about it is the Bass, the bass is noticeable but it seems to just miss the...
  4. AndrewIsMusic

    Help with choice of earbuds.

    Hi guys and girls. I want to buy portable earphones but NOT in ear, just cause I dont find it comfy having my ears plugged.  Im choosing between: 1) Atomic Floyd Airjax 2) B&O 3i 3) Creative Aurvana Air 4) Marshall Minor   Ill four similar in appearance, I like rich punchy sound both...
  5. goodsound

    Dont like IEMs. Any 'earbuds' out there in the $25-30 range ?

    I dont like inserting IEMs into my ear canals. I am ok with the apple ipod style earbuds. I just need something a bit more comfortable and better sounding. What can I consider for earbuds in the $25-30 range ?
  6. Question2

    Buying earphones in Australia

    Any Australians here can give some advice on buying earphones here? I don't want to walk into the typical electronics shop and get ripped off on some crap earphones, as what usually happens when people do that...   The cables on my yuin pk2 just got sliced in half by....SOMETHING...(i have...
  7. bokeron

    Help me deciding: Sennheiser MX470 vs MX760

    Hi everybody.   I'm about to buy one of these two from Sennheiser, MX470 or MX670. They cost just the same, and though the 470 are new and apparently improved the 760 were really good ones not so far ago. I haven't used them before, so... i need your help deciding wich one to buy. I'm not...
  8. Ringoko

    Cheap earbuds advice (non-IEM)

    I'm looking for a good cheap pair of earbuds to replace my standard apple earbuds.   IEMs aren't really an option, as they are for wearing during work, I'm constantly moving around and the IEM seal is constantly lost. I have Sennheiser IE6s which sound great, the problem is I have to keep my...
  9. spacemanspliff

    Senn MX470 replacement "sleeves"? What do you call the rubber doughnuts for earbuds?

    Anyway, I have lost all of my earbud doughnuts and can't find replacements. Now the 470 is $15 lol. I could just buy another pair but...Anything I can use to get a decent seal? Makes a difference.   Thanks!
  10. Sennheiser MX 470 Stereo Headphones with LiveBass

    Sennheiser MX 470 Stereo Headphones with LiveBass

    This new collection of affordable a dn stylish headphones provides a wide variety to consumers, particularly young sound lovers. There are six models each for men and women.