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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. HungryPanda
    PK shell v Svara-L
    20181011_011130[2].jpg 20181011_011429[1].jpg
  2. handwander
    Hm that looks promising. Can you do an MX500 comparison quickly?

    Stop making me spend money hungry panda.
  3. HungryPanda
    MX500 v Svara-L

    20181011_013830[1].jpg 20181011_013908[1].jpg
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  4. handwander
    Thanks! This shot is the most promising in terms of it possibly being in the pk shell realm of comfort for me.
  5. chinmie
    from that photo, looks like the Tank have similar diameter to MX500 shells. the Svara is about the same like MX500, might be slightly larger in diameter, but a lot thinner.

    with Yuin Shell

    with MX500 shell
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  6. handwander
    Thanks! Looks like they would be great for me. Diameter is whatever but the thinness of the in ear part looks good. Hard to say with certainty but I'm much more willing to buy those now.
  7. waynes world
    Always nice to have partners is Svara L hype! I really do love them. Although now I am totally distracted by RY4S budget awesomesauce lol.
  8. DBaldock9
    No, that list is in order of descending price.

    For sound preference, the list would probably be:
    1.) Svara-L - (MMCX, 32Ω), [$49.68]
    2.) MusicMaker ToneKing TO200 - (MMCX, 200Ω), [$50.00]
    3.) OurArt Ti7 - (MMCX, 32Ω), [$59.00]
    4.) NiceHCK DIY Graphene (2017) - (20Ω), [$29.53]
    5.) Daik DK-Song - (MMCX, 16Ω), [$46.95]
    6.) VE Monk Plus Espresso - (2.5TRRS, 64Ω), [$30.00]
    7.) Svara-L - (MMCX, 115Ω), [$54.00]
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  9. chinmie
    wow, you make so much distance between the Svaras that it made me curious about the 32ohm version! :ksc75smile:
    how do you compare them two and what makes you favor the 32 to the 115?
  10. bhima
    You and I have the same fit sensibilities. My Yincrow rw-777 do not fit right even though its diameter is smaller than my shozy bk. its all about thickness for me as well. The Svara definitely looks promising.
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  11. DBaldock9
    The 115Ω model has a lot of Bass & Mid-Bass, but the Midrange & Treble are recessed.
    The 32Ω model has good, tight Bass, without the booming Mid-Bass; and it has clear Midrange & Treble.
  12. chinmie
    thanks! i might get this on my next purchase
  13. snip3r77
    I thought ry4s ue cable will be in this list
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  14. Matarro
    The Tank really is so round in it's shape that it's like trying to fit a light bulb into your ear. A shame since I kind of like the sound.
  15. activatorfly
    My RY4S are being delivered any minute now - bring on the awesomeness! lol
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