Oct 13, 2016
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    UK since 2006. Previously Michigan and Upstate NY
    Music, computers, home theater, geek stuff...
    Dogs, nature...
    Headphone Inventory:
    1More mk801 - red. Portable, recommended
    Audioquest Nighthawk - love these - the sound, the comfort
    AKG K240 mkii - £55 Amazon Prime Day. Very nice.
    AKG K702
    AKG Y50-portable, black
    Beyer Amiron Home - relaxing
    Beyer DT880 Premium 250 Ohm
    Beyer DT150
    Bosshifi B8/Kinden WE-BK8 - wood cups, excellent value (currently with Brainwavz hybrid pads)
    B&O H6 (2nd Gen) - natural
    B&W P5 series2 - portable.... wow
    Denon AH-D600 - the bass!
    Edifier H850 - comfy, surprisingly good
    Fostex t50rp mk3 -with Brainwavz hybrid pads
    Fostex th500rp - underrated - excellent!
    Grado SR325e - very enjoyable
    KEF M500 - solid black - just lovely
    Koss Pro45 - excellent
    Liboer BH718 - was not expecting these to sound so amazing
    Liboer BH870 - carbon black (paid £10) on ear ...same comment as above
    Logitech UE 4000 -purple. £20 closeout - portable
    Meze 99 Neo - highly recommended
    NAD Viso HP50 -black, with msr7 pads. Put electrical tape inside each cup to stop plastic creaking...see NAD thread for instructions.
    Noontech Zoro HD II -purple (gifted to my daughter)
    Precide Ergo 2 - funky and awesome!
    Sennheiser HD580 (bought used) installed new headband padding and earpads
    Sennheiser HD598 SE -comfy all-rounder
    Sivga SV007 - wood - everyone needs these!
    Sony MDR 100aap -pink (£80 on Ebay new in box)
    Status Audio HD One - Classic
    Superlux HD 681 Evo - incredible value
    Thinksound On1 Massdrop - lovely wooden on ear
    Vibe Fli Over Ear -red (£12 new on Ebay) uncomfortable, too much bass but look cool. Should gift them to someone.
    Xiaomi Mi Headphones - 2nd generation with graphene drivers (1More design) comfy for on-ear, sound fantastic
    Yamaha HPH MT220 (as good as everyone says) wish it had detachable cable
    ZMF Vibro ii Purplewood Massdrop -great sound and look amazing. Thanks Zach! Customs and VAT costs of course.

    Axceed AX-H1
    Boarseman CX98 - grey
    Einsear T2 - grey
    E-MI CI 780 (C610) Hybrid - black
    Fiio F1
    Gevo GV6 Ergo-Fit - rose gold - 10mm graphene driver
    GGMM Nightingale - gunmetal grey
    HoldSound EP-258 -red
    I.Valux 8mm hybrid - red/blue
    Jayfi JEB-101
    KZ ZS3 - black
    Moniko 10mm black
    Nubwo NJ213 - red
    Okun G50 HD
    Omars A3 - wood
    Seahf awk-i009 - red
    Senzer H1
    Sephia SP1020 - goldi
    Symphonized NRG 3.0 (wood) - resilient purple & hazy gray
    UrbanFun Hybrid - green/gold ring
    UiiSii CM5 - red - graphene drivers (Hi-Res Audio)
    Uiisii BA-T6 - black - dual driver
    UiiSii US80 - pink
    Xiaomi Piston Fresh Edition - black (HSEJ03JY)

    Langsdom F9 earpods - rose gold
    Senfer PT15 (graphene driver)
    VE Monk+ coffee
    Yinyoo Z&W
    Moondrop Nameless
    Auglamour RX1
    Qian 69
    Boarseman MX98
    TY Hi-Z AWK-314P

    Headphones - long gone
    Sony V 6. (80's) hated the discomfort and the coiled cable...eventually gave them to my son to use with his keyboard.

    Sennheiser HD 480 (original) bought in 90's and sadly thrown away in 2004 because I stupidly did not realize the cable was replaceable. I loved loved loved those headphones for late night listening. I wish I still had them.

    Koss Porta Pros used with Sony Walkman and various disc players... sounded ok but metal band tore my hair too many times and over time the foam deteriorated
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E12A Mont Blanc (portable)
    SMSL M6 Dac/Amp (for desktop pc)
    Nobsound NS-01E mini hybrid black (also on desk but only fed by Daps)
    xDuoo ta-03 tube amp in living room - WOW! so far all the headphones I have tried love this amp...not tried with every one yet
    Source Inventory:
    Desktop setup:
    PC running Foobar 2000 - usb to SMSL M6 with headphone jack plus RCA out to SMSL A2 amplifier with active subwoofer output for Cambridge Audio desktop speakers (with Yamaha YSTFSW050BL powered sub)

    Cayin N3 - red

    Opus #1 for home listening in my comfy spot - used with the xDuoo ta-03 tube amp - with two 128 GB cards

    Ruizu A50 - black...tiny, very pocketable

    Sao Mai SM4 - black

    Xduoo X3 (rockboxed) - black - only recommended if rockboxed
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Sonos system in 5 rooms
    Music Preferences:
    if it is good I will listen
    American woman now living in the UK because I met a guy...


    See my profile page if you are curious about my headphones and other gear.
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