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Calgary, AB, Canada
Self-employed Geologist and lifestyle analyst

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500+ Head-Fier, Male, from Calgary, AB, Canada

We came, we saw, we left! Dec 8, 2017

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    Calgary, AB, Canada
    Self-employed Geologist and lifestyle analyst
    Music, cycling, formula 1, football (Bayern Munich)
    Headphone Inventory:



    AKG C50 BT

    AKG K-403

    Beyerdynamic Custom Pro

    Koss Portapro

    Koss KSC75

    Monster Adidas

    NAD Viso HP50

    Phillips SHP9500S

    Teufel Massive Reloaded

    Sennheiser Urbanites

    Sennheiser HD600

    Sennheiser HD598

    Sennheiser HD202

    Sennheiser HD471

    Sennheiser HD231

    Sennheiser PX 100

    Sennheiser PX 100-II

    Urbanears Plattan


    Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B

    Bose Q-315

    Phiaton PS 210 BTNC

    Sony MDR-NC13


    Joyroom JR-EL117 1200 mm Driver

    Langsdom F9

    Phiaton PS 210 BTNC

    Sennheiser OMX-185

    Sennheiser MX-560

    Headroom MS16

    VE Monk Plus

    IN EAR

    Boarsemen CX98

    Boarseman KR25-D

    Boarseman KR 49

    Bowers and Wilkins C5 S2

    Brainwavz B100

    DZAT DF-10

    Einsear T2

    Elephone E1

    Etmymotic HF5

    Fidue A65

    Focal Spark

    Focal Sphear

    Fostex TE-02

    ibasso IT01

    Inpher Fuqing B-2

    Jivo - white JI-1050

    Joyroom E-103

    Joyroom ER-109

    Koss The Plug

    KZ ATE

    KZ ATR

    KZ GR

    KZ HDS1

    KZ HDS3

    KZ ED3

    KZ ED4

    KZ ED15

    KZ ZS3

    KZ ZS5

    KZ ZS6

    KZ ZS10

    KZ ZSR

    KZ ZST Colorful

    KZ ZST

    KZ ie80

    KZ EDR2

    KZ ES3

    KZ ED9

    KZ HDS1

    KZ HDS3

    KZ ZSE

    Langsdom A10

    Lker i8

    MEMT X5

    Monster adidas supernova

    NAD Viso HP20

    Philips SHE3590

    QKZ-X36 M

    QKZ-X41 M

    QKZ/Fonge W1 Pro

    Remax RM-720i

    Revonext QT2

    Rock Zircon

    SEAF AWK-009

    Sennheiser CX-300B-MkII Precision

    Sennheiser MM50

    Sennheiser CX 5.00

    Sennheiser in-ear momentum

    Sony XBA-C10W

    Sony MH1C

    Soundmagic E10C

    Swing ie800

    Takstar Ingping H60

    Tennmak Dulcimer

    Tinaudio T2

    TRN V60


    UiiSii HM7

    Urbanfun Hifi

    VJJB 4KS

    VJJB N1

    V-Moda Vibes

    Westjet buds

    Xiaomi 4th generation hybrid dual drivers

    Xiaomi Triple drivers

    Xiaomi Piston 3
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audioquest Dragonfly black, Schiit Fulla, Fiio E12 Montblanc, Marantz SACD8005
    Source Inventory:
    iPhone 5S, iPod classic/nano/touch, audioquest dragonfly, Fiio E12 Montblanc
    Cable Inventory:
    I don't believe in mumbo jumbo
    Music Preferences:
    Classical; Krautrock; independent 70s and 80s; anything good and interesting out of the UK.
    Old bicycles.
    Flushed into Canada in the early 90s via university. Gradually moved from east to west but was stopped by the Rocky Mountains. Extensive classical music education. A wide range of music interests going back to the late 70s. Interested in neutrally tuned head/earphones.


    My current favs: ibasso IT01, UE900S, Koss KPH30i, Focal Sphear, KZ ZSr, KZ EDR1/2, Tin Audio T2, Brainwavz B100, Fostex TE-02, NAD Viso HP50, Sennheiser HD 471, Sennheiser HD 231, Sennheiser HD 600.

    That's the gear I have in my tackle box:
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