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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. XP_98
  2. chinmie
    That is interesting. Fengru brand is what started the whole EMX500 craze the first time
  3. XP_98
    And how was the brand FENGRU rated ?
  4. chinmie
    I don't know about their other product. The emx500 is up there with the vido and monk in the budget hall of fame, though I don't know if the recent ones are still the fengru's
  5. haiku
    Mine started to become listenable @120hrs. :wink:
  6. vladstef
    They have a million of different models of buds and IEMs. Their EMX500 is one of the best budget bud, there are some impressions about their HYCK100 which is a beautiful mid-tier earbud with respectable sound. Most of their products don't really reach head-fi, not many people are buying them, maybe because this brand is still almost fully unknown.
    There are some impressions about their hybrid IEMs which are also very positive. Overall, outside of rattling issue with EMX500, there is nothing bad to say about Fengru.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  7. fairx
    Johor too south from my place. Haha can't make it. Maybe ask ClieOS?
  8. doggiemom
    That is worrying. The CampFred 2s definitely opened up with use, but they didn't sound bad out of the box...... just not their best. Are the ZoomFreds really unlistenable? I won't like that, as I am not really a burn in type of gal....... I just listen and either burn in is real, or they do or don't grow on me.
  9. haiku
    I can only tell you my experience. Yes, to me they were unlistenable right out of the box. Too harsh and bright. Now @130hrs, the harshness is almost gone, but they´re bright, even with my Sp1000 Copper. They´re bright, open and have clear mids, with tight and fast bass. If you don´t like this sound sig, you better look elsewhere.....
  10. mbwilson111
    Hard to believe that something would change from unlistenable to awesome. I do the burn in to maintain credibility in certain threads :) Just finished putting over 200 hours on my IT01 ibasso IEMs as demanded! No idea what if anything changed.
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  11. Ceteru
    I had an awesome moment earlier this morning that reminded me why earbuds can be so awesome despite (as well as because of) their lack of isolation.

    It was a rainy morning where I am, and I was lying in bed using my new Fiio X5iii -> Hi-Z HP-650 (which reminds me, I need to update my sig) to listen to a wonderful new track I discovered:

    In this track, there is some sort of instrument that plays constantly in the right channel (if I was to relate it to soundstage, it sounded like it was to the right and behind me). The instrument reminds me of a cowbell (played in a 'muted' way so that it doesn't resound), but I'm not certain if that's what it is. This is instrument #1.

    In the left channel, on the opposite beat of the cowbell, there's a tambourine being played. Soundstage-wise, it sounds like it is to the left and back, perhaps opposite to the bell directionally. This is instrument #2.

    As the track goes on, despite the singer's marvelous voice and the beautiful strings and piano that swell from time to time, in my 'buds at least, I can always keep track of those two instruments whenever they are played. In fact, I was doing something of a listening exercise and trying to focus on different instruments for long periods of time (gotta exercise that active listening!)

    At a certain point, I became aware of a third instrument that was being played that sounded like it was being played "between my ears", a bit back, and to the right (closer to the bell than to the tambourine). For the life of me I couldn't figure out what it was, just that it sounded like a solid "tap" that, although it was being played to its own rhythm, did a great job of offsetting the other instruments. I started pulling that into my active focus and keeping track of it as instrument #3 along with instruments #1 and #2.

    Imagine my shock when, after the song ended and I found I was still hearing instrument #3 playing loud and clear, I realized that instrument #3 was nothing more than a single raindrop continuously falling from the gutter edge outside and above my window onto a brick below. A simple sound, but it sounded right at home in the song.
    Even though I love full-sized headphones, and I have some IEMs on the way, there are some things they just can't do as well. Sometimes letting noise in is exactly what is wanted/needed. :)
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  12. chinmie
    Not many does that, but some instances (like the TY HI-Z 32, and my late Cayin N3) turns for the better after a couple of hours play.
  13. chinmie
    I really can relate to that. I often listen to some new songs and find a sound that is interesting,, only to find that it's my son humming/singing or playing random stuff from his 3DS or YouTube:dt880smile:
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  14. seanc6441
    Hey does anyone still have a new packet of original VE ex pack foams? The one with the original thin foams (without the black/white variants, only red and blue).

    I’d really like to have another pack of those. PM me if you have one you’re willing sell. Thanks.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
  15. mbwilson111
    I am using my Cayin N3 right now. "late" ? did yours die? Not using buds at the moment (KSC75 with headband mod) but earlier I was using the N3 with the Qian 69. Someone said something this week about it having good bass. I agree. I had not really used them much before. They arrived along with about 5 other buds all at once a few months ago. Now, rather than buy anything else, I want to enjoy the ones I have. The Qian is comfortable for me as well as sounding good.
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