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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. chinmie
    Nope, i sold it after i got the Radsone Earstudio ES100. for my need, between the ES100 and my Ipod Classic, having the N3 is redundant
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  2. seanc6441
    Ipod classic has bluetooth?

    ahh nvm, you use it with your S7/tab.
  3. waynes world
    Lol to the bolded statement - good one! I generally think that some - but not all - stuff benefits from burn in. The Nighthawks, even though they sounded wonderful when I got them, went to a new level of awesomesauce after quite a few more hours.

    You got the headband on the ksc75's, and I presume nothing got broken. Good work! Is the headband working as advertised for you?
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  4. mbwilson111
    I had help when my husband came home tonight after a long weekend of work. Still working on shaping the headband... shifts a bit. The clips feel more secure. Pros and cons. Always.
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  5. chinmie
    Yes it has :laughing:
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  6. Ceteru
    Just listened to a song I haven't listened to for close to a year using my new gear..

    The clarity and musicality of this song now compared to the last time I listened to it is just amazing :beyersmile:
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  7. doggiemom
    You are too funny. :L3000: I really like the other Cypherus buds I have (Black and CampFred2), so I'm optimistic. Fingers crossed!
  8. damex
    is there any impressions on this Yinman 600 ohm earbuds?
    i see that 2.0 version is available on aliexpress right now. detachable mmcx cable is too tempting ;p
  9. Narayan23
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  10. noknok23
    I have the HifiBoy Dream since 2 days... not really sensitive; quite transparent, Its main focus are mid and treble. Very good treble, clear but not tiring. I'm a bit disappointed at first because the bass is here but very lean and on the back. will see on the long run with time and maybe burn in, but all my electronic music sounds too chill with this unfortunately. Theses earphones are VERY laid back. I think it's more relevant to compare them to the Asura 2.0/Blur than Zen/Samsara. female vocals are forwards and very clear. Upper treble has a peak that is a bit annoying...

    EDIT: pass the 150hours burnin, sound changed considerably. The bass really opened up. Quite balanced now, the peaks are tamed even though there are still present. Its still very clear but on a warm end
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2018
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  11. mbwilson111
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  12. thehypewan
    Hey guys,

    I've been extensively testing the Shozy Stardust versus the Shozy Cygnus. I noticed while browsing this thread at work and an old conversation caught my attention:

    Drivers used in the Cygnus and Docomo/NiceHCK DIY PK2 look to be the same, for much lower cost. Now, I look a peek at the Stardust and Cygnus I have on hand and...behold they are the same driver. So my question is, if it's the same driver and YuinPK-styled housing, shouldn't they sound the same [they don't, to me]. I wonder if anyone else can share some info about these drivers used between all three of these earbuds.

  13. cocolinho
    Cable can make a difference I guess
  14. seanc6441
    They must have different internals because all three 100% sound different. Maybe the drivers look the same on the outside but have different material compositions.
  15. thehypewan
    I'm going to be doing this test soon. I purchased some CNR L-4E5C microphone cable with a few connectors coming in, I want to make my own cables so I can test the cables, too. But in foresight, I want to say that the cable wouldn't make that noticeable of a difference *braces himself in anticipation*

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