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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. waynes world
    Ok, I like it now :)

    Seriously, for some reason I really do like the rings now lol
  2. chinmie
    It's got that Portal (game) or Tron sci-fi vibe to it :grin:
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  3. chaiyuta
    Regarding to two 3.5mm. mini-mini cables, are they Brimar Omni King? ,and why do you have to use 2 cables? In my understanding, 'Line-out' from DAP to 'Line-in' of AMP then 'Headphone-out' to earbuds would be enough.
  4. haiku
    The balanced cable is the Brimar Grand Master 8 braid and the mini is the Omni King 16 braid. AK 380 & SP1000 as well as Mass Kobo are designed to sound best in so called "true balanced" configuration, which means you´re using a mini cable as reference ground. The difference in sound quality is clearly better.
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  5. chaiyuta
    @haiku : Thanks, it is nice know.
  6. haiku
    You´re welcome, my friend!
  7. RuFrost
  8. stocamadas
    I am waiting for your review this.
  9. doggiemom
    Mine have shipped, so I'm waiting (impatiently) for them to arrive. Herry says 150 hours min burn in for these!
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  10. damex
    Which high imperdance totl earbuds did i miss? Is there something else worth owning?

    Owning that high imperdance earbuds at the moment:
    VE Zen Omega (ZOE)
    VE Zen Lite
    VE Asura White
    Ty HI-Z HP-650
    K's 600
    K's Samsara
    Seahf AWK-F650S

    + ordered that new toneking 400ohm earbuds

    Thank you.
  11. RuFrost
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  12. damex
    I find just ps100-600 and its upgraded versions. Nicest version with black braided cable is 189$... oh well. I guess i am going to get it.

    Is there any other earbud to get?

    I would consider that >100ohm is high imperdance
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2018
  13. chaiyuta
    @damex : I am not a fan of ty hi-z, but I know that TY HI-Z released the highest impedance earbuds in the current market called "TY HI-Z800" which is 800-Ohm earbuds. The description said this is still a prototype product. However once it becomes the official version, the price will grow up.
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  14. jogawag
    If the transparent silicone pad is attached to Penon BS1, the back port of BS1 will be blocked.
    In order to avoid this, it would be good to cut out the hole from the transparent silicon pad to allow the back port to breath.
    But I attached the Silicone Ring (SENNHEISER 538215) first and mounted the transparent silicon pad on it.
    As aresult BS1 's diameter becomes larger (almost same diameter as MX500), so the backport is appearing naturally.
    As its effect, the sound quality became brighter and the bass sounded stronger.
    I post this as a reference.


    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018

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