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Oct 26, 2019
Dec 24, 2015
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Field Service Engineer

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doggiemom Send PM

500+ Head-Fier, Female

doggiemom was last seen:
Oct 26, 2019
  • About

    Field Service Engineer
    I enjoy reading, food, and booze. ;-)
    I have 3 dogs whom I refer to as "The Children." We volunteer as a foster home for rescue puppies.
    Headphone Inventory:

    Focal Utopia
    Audeze EL-8
    ZMF x Vibro MKII Purple LTD
    Focal Spirit Classic
    Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX
    Philips Fidelio L2BO/27
    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Purpleheart
    Massdrop x AKG K7XX Limited Red Edition
    Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX Planar Magnetic Headphones
    FIIL Diva PRO
    HeadSpace XD
    AiAiAi Tracks
    Superlux HD681 (with filter mod)


    1MORE Triple Driver
    Advanced M4
    Awei ES-Q9
    Awei S90vi
    Benjie BJ49
    Beyerdynamic DTX 102 iE
    BlueEverBlue 1200EX
    Boarseman cx98
    BYZ K30
    BYZ K53
    Etymotic hf5
    First Harmonic IEB6
    Ivery IV-7
    JBMMj MJ900
    JBMmj S800
    Joyroom E107
    Joyroom E109
    Kennerton Jimo
    KZ ATE
    KZ ATR
    KZ ED12
    KZ ED9
    KZ EDR2
    KZ HDS1
    KZ ZS3
    KZ ZS5
    KZ ZSE
    KZ ZST
    KZ ZST (colorful)
    Massdrop x Noble Kaiser 10
    Massdrop x Noble X
    Monk IE Biggie
    Monk IE Smalls
    Munito Nines
    Ortofon e-Q7
    Plextone X41M
    Rock Zircon
    Simgot Suzaku EN700
    Sony MDR-XB510AS
    SoundMAGIC E10M
    Superlux HD381
    Tennmak Crazy Cello
    Tennmak Dulcimer
    TFZ Exclusive 5
    Thinksound ts01.1 Walnut
    Thinksound ts02 Silver Cherry
    UiiSii HM7
    VJJB K4
    Xiaomi Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones Mi IV
    Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD


    Abnormal Sound Duotres
    Audio Varna
    Auglamour RX-1
    Awei ES10
    Benjie BJ-49
    Blue Ever Blue 328R
    Blur 魔音
    Boarseman MX98
    Boarseman MX98s
    Crow Audio G.L.A.I.V.E
    Cypherus Audio Blue Darth
    Cypherus Audio Camp Fred 2
    Cypherus Audio White CampFred
    Cypherus Audio Zoom Fred
    Cypherus CAX Black
    DQSM Z&W Panda PK2
    DQSM Z&W420
    Earbud Thailand Black Lion
    Earbud Thailand Blue Diamond V2
    Edifier H180P
    Elibud Sabia V6 VJC ("VUNBUD")
    FAAEAL Narcissus 2.0
    FAAEAL Snow-lotus 2.0
    HCK Diy PK2 "black version 1" (DoCoMo NOS drivers)
    HE 150Pro
    Imperial Audio Atlantis
    K's 300 Samsara
    K's 500
    K's 600
    Kanzenoka Parangtritis
    Kanzenoka Yin Yang P1.3
    Linsoul BLD 150-Ohm
    Monk+ Late Fall Edition
    Moonbuds Heron
    Moonbuds Hummingbird
    Moondrop Nameless
    Musicmaker MrZ Tomahawk Z
    NICEHCK DIY Graphene 2017 ("old" graphene)
    NICEHCK DIY MX500 PK1 2017
    Phlips SHE3800
    RYMALL RY4S (black and blue cables)
    Seahf AWK-F150C
    Seahf AWK-F32
    Seahf AWK-F32MG Anime Edition
    Seahf AWK-F32T
    Senfer PT15
    Shozy Cygnus
    Simphonio Dragon 2+
    T-Music V2
    TY Hi-Z 150s
    TY Hi-Z 32ohm
    VE Asura 2.0s
    VE Monk Lite Gold Black 40 Ohm
    VE Monk Lite Gold White 40 Ohm
    VE Monk Lite Silver Black 40 Ohm
    VE Monk Lite Silver White 120 Ohm
    VE Monk+
    VE Monk+ Omega Edition
    VE Monk+ SPC
    VE Zen 2.0 Omega Edition
    VE Zen Lite
    VE Zen LL
    Willsound 300 Ohm
    Willsound MK1 32Ohm
    Willsound MK1 Rev. 2
    Willsound MK1 VJC
    Willsound MK2 Special Edition
    Willsound MK2 VJC 2.5mm
    Willsound MK3
    Willsound PK32
    Wooeasy DIY EMX500
    Wooeasy PK2S
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier
    Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold Final Edition
    Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp
    Chord Mojo
    LH Labs Geekout V2+ Infinity
    Venture Electronics RunAbout Plus
    Radsone EarStudio ES100
    Bluewave GET
    Xduoo XD-05
    CEntrance DACport HD
    CEntrance DACportable
    Advanced Accessport (x2 - both broken) :-(
    Source Inventory:
    Pro-ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB

    Astell&Kern KANN
    Hiby R6
    iBasso DX-90
    Walnut V2S
    xDuoo X3 (Rockboxed) - broken, RIP
    Cable Inventory:
    Kimber Axios Headphone Cable, copper (Utopia)
    ZY Balanced Cable (Senn HD 6XX)
    ZMF x DHC OCC (ZMF x Vibro MKII Purple LTD)
    Venture Electronics 2.5mm Cable 1.8m - 4 Pin Balanced (HIFIMAN H#4XX)
    Noble Gold x Silver cable
    Power-Related Components:
    IsoTek EVO3 Sirius power conditioner
    IsoTek EVO3 Initium power cables
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Pro-ject Phono Box S2 phono pre-amp
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