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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. vladstef
    They look way too similar to not be the same: pcb, color of dots, white substance to hold coil wires, even the damping mesh looks the same. However, they might sound different due to the foam used on the vents on the back casing, or should I say 2 horizontal lines. This foam is probably denser/thicker on one of them.

    This wouldn't be the first time that earbuds use same drivers but are tuned differently + have different cables. Tuning has a greater effect on earbud drivers than people suspect.
  2. noknok23
    Diomnes LV2 are TOTL 200usd DIY earbuds made from 5usd monk drivers.
    Tuning matters!
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  3. seanc6441
    If this is the case, I’ll be amazed at the difference a cable/tuning foam can do. I know tuning plays an impact in the SQ but the bk is noticeably better in clarity and texture so if the cable is the difference I’ll be investing in quality cables in the future!

    Another aspect may be driver quality/matching. If they are indeed identical material wise then maybe the drivers used in the bk are the best of the bunch and matched better than that of the cygnus.

    I still cannot believe they are the same driver completely when the sound of the BK is an upgrade in every department.

    The first rendition of the diy pk2 has dense tuning foam on the back vent whereas the later version had a thinner foam and 2 vents open. The sound changed but it was a subtle improvement. It was definitely not the same level of change as seen in the cygnus to the bk.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  4. seanc6441
    So the diy process doesn’t involve tinkering with the driver internals? It’s just tuning of the other aspects like shell/foam/cable?
  5. vladstef
    Pretty much...
    Only thing you could do is unwind the coil wires a bit, but I don't really think that would be a good idea.
    Here is a funny fact: most earbud drivers from China cost almost the same, totl buds' drivers are not even a 1% of their cost.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  6. mochill
    They said the cable was the the big difference on the stardust if I remember correctly
  7. phower
    Generic $10 ones. I don't believe in cables atleast for earphones. I have measured the impedance of the cables and they are around 1 ohm. It might make a difference for loudspeakers that have 4 or 8 ohm impedance. Not for headphones/earphones which require less than 10mW power.

    If I can think of something that might affect SQ, it might be that cheap cables with poor soldering might affect the frequency response.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  8. seanc6441
    When you hear of manufacturers intentionally ‘poorly’ tuning a driver used in a more expensive model so as to release a cheaper variant you have to wonder sometimes.

    It’s cheaper to mass produce one driver than to produce two separate designs I guess.

    My only suspicion here is that the cygnus was released before the BK. So they would’ve had to improve upon the cygnus tuning to create the bk, not the other way around.
  9. seanc6441
    If it’s purely a case of a better tuned and upgraded cable cygnus then Shozy are masters at tuning because the improvement is nothing short of phenomenal whilst retaining a similar house sound.
  10. chinmie
    one of the best sounding high impedance earbuds that I've heard. they have a warm signature, but quite clear and extend well in bass and treble

    be careful about the build though because there are reports of the housing cracks open.. definitely need a gentle hands. another alternative would be the yinman 500 with 100 ohm impedance adapter..sounded similar
  11. chinmie
    there's also rumors about Camfred 1 using a cheap Advance brand earbuds (only sold in my country), can't confirm them myself, but it's a really popular rumor. so i agree with you tuning matters

    the most common thing in my country is modders selling recabled Vidos, Kubes, Sharp MDs. some just purely cable change, and some modders tune them also to their taste. the improvements in the sound is remarkable.

    i don't really mind if modders upped their price even if the cost of the materials are cheap, because they obviously spend their time doing research.

    i do hope modders also research in using different shape of shell or different shell material. really waiting for someone to come up with custom molding for earbuds maybe..that would eliminate the need for foams altogether
  12. mochill
    Yes they are
  13. WC Annihilus
    My BS1's came in today. Sound is great, love the clarity. There is one annoyance though. When the cable moves a certain way, I hear some small crackling/popping sounds. I'm not sure if this is the sign of a potential defect or that's just the way it is.
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  14. haiku
    This is what I´ve got from Herry about the burn in time for the Zoomfred: Quote "I've said 150 hours is minimum burn in time.... Based on the cryogenic specification they will required over than 300 hours to stabilize. Min 150 is my experience on the cryogenic cable for headphone." So be prepared all you, who ordered them.
  15. noknok23
    If you have an android phone use 1moreAssistant app. Burn in is 5x faster :)

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