The Hardest hitting Headphones are.. ( "The EXTREME BASS Club")

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hawaiibadboy, Apr 30, 2014.
  1. slitzx
    I was interested in the Taction Kannons but the price, shipping and customs duty combined will be killer to the UK so I decided to get old king. Funny thing was, when I was in Japan in 2016 I could not find a single store carrying the SZ-2000 available for demoing.

    I managed to find a used SZ2000 (LIVE BEAT variant, not the European Z SERIES version) for about 70 GBP, swapped out the pads for the Brainwavz memory foam pads (have the sheepskin ones on order) and it definitely does have a nice bass hit to it simply coming out of my phone (no amp as my Cayin C5's battery has died on me plus it feels nice not carrying anything extra).

    On a very quick and dirty comparison to my XB1000 (also on my phone, no amp), I can certainly notice the open design of the XB1000 more than I used to but I somehow feel the bass on the XB1000 hits ever so slightly harder (here's where I'm hoping the sheepskin pads will change this). The sound of the SZ2000 seems to be more fun though despite the slight veil. The headband on the SZ2000 has got to be the nicest I've ever used, the XB1000 really lacks padding and hurts my head after a while. I'm still keeping my XB1000 though, the openness along with the bass hit isn't really something I've really come across in my very limited search.

    My only gripes is that it's rather heavy (makes the XB1000 feel featherweight in comparison) and the ear cups don't swivel flat.

    Has the SZ-2000 been discontinued? The prices for it seem to have hiked a lot. It's a great shame if it has been discontinued because this thing is pretty awesome.
  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    They supposedly stopped making it years ago, then re-advertised it on their .jp site (because of this thread......seriously..) The hike might be due to true limitation because of discontinued status. The tech that went into it is amazing. They were so close to the goal and f'd it up with crap pads and coulda used a bit more tuning. I got mine. Permanent keeper statuz!
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  3. bobbypete
    im pretty sure the sony products are unreliable. they break on the band. look up the amazon 1 star reviews and even the commonly asked questions. the easy alternative to the skullcandy crusher (which i felt wasnt going to last, and amazon reviews said the same) was the sony xb950 and it breaks.
  4. slitzx
    I haven't experienced this in the 2 years I've had the XB1000 thankfully but thanks for the heads up. The SZ2000 feel pretty durable though.
  5. bobbypete
    yea im thinking about buying the sz1000 when it goes on sale even though it has a non detachable cord. the durability looks fine for it.
  6. Thoft208
    Just got the audio quest nighthawk headphones. They may not hit hard but they sure sound damn clean. Nice smooth clean bass and nice crisp highs with a warm mid range. Got them on a steal too.
  7. Venture Guy
    Just got my Kannons. Wow! Congratulations to @TactionJohn on a game changing product!

    Blending between Taction and dynamic drivers is beautiful.

    Definitely a quantum leap for the basshead world:)
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  8. sergioalb64
    What would be some of the bassiest planar magnetics? I’m waiting on a ZMF Ori shipment and I have the Fostex T50rp Mayflower V3 bass mod on their way. I heard the kennerton Odin hit like a truck, but only one person told me this.
  9. FastAndClean
    the new Final D8000
  10. stenog
    Why is it so expensive? Because it sound good...:)
  11. chillaxing
    Pretty much any planar will hit hard since its using a humungous driver. You just need to give it enough power and a huge slope in eq

    I have tried many, audeze, hifiman, oppo. They all hit. You wont get the slam like the top 5-6. But they will shake
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  12. BB 808
    I've begun my planar magnetic adventure with an Audeze Sine with Cipher cable connected to my iPhone X. Loving it so much, next up will be LCD-2C and iSine. Here's my EQ for the Sine:
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  13. obsidyen
    Oppo PM-2 doesn't hit. It sucks in terms of bass. PM-3 hits hard. But it's wet bass as opposed to Fostex's dry bass.
  14. FastAndClean
    exactly, the bass is rounded and softer in nature, it's not snappy, it does not pop
  15. chillaxing
    I was really surprised how well the cipher and audeze eq worked. I really liked my isine with a apple device.

    I actually never tried the pm-2 or 1. my experience is with the pm-3 which i really liked. I'm even looking for another one to keep this time around. I'm just intrigue with the whole sound sig of the pm-3 when your bassing out. that headphone is so dark, makes my bass seems like its coming from the dungeons, the depths of hell.

    now with the "wet" against "dry", i never experienced and i had the pm-3 and thx00 at the same time. I will tell you this though, the fostex did hit harder at lower the lowest frequencies. But that probably a dynamic vs. planar thing. I would recommend any one of them to anybody.

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