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  1. NV2U
    Around Christmas I got a brand new set of the Bluedio Victory cans for $95. I enjoy them. I'm a Pavarotti fan and Nessun Dorma never sounded so good to me, lol. I gave them a run at "In Da Club" by Fifty Cent and some Wiz Khalifa to see what they could handle. They more than held their own. I waited a long time to get them at this price and was not disappointed. I wouldn't pay more. The build quality of the Victory is good. The UFO PLUS is similar so long as the heads are tight and not clacking, which earlier UFO's were notorious for.

    The Victory are not as warm as my M100's {they are brighter} but they have good deep bass while keeping the mids and highs crisp, clear and forward. I am told that the Bluedio UFO PLUS has harder hitting bass.

    There was a sale on before Christmas and the UFO's were $80. The two typically sell for $180 and $200 respectively. Either can be seen as expensive as $245 each. Although the Victory {Or "V"} is the top of the Bluedio line, The UFO PLUS now sells for a higher price due to its popularity as "Beats killers."
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  2. JediMa70
    I just checked.. at the moment they are back to the original price :frowning2: but thank you because I always wondered about Bluedio quality and now i found a good review
  3. taxidrivr
    how would 7550's sound running direct/unamped to an iPhone 6s?
  4. chillaxing
    This belong in the basshead iem thread but ill answer it any ways.

    If you just plan to tape mod and dont use eq, the iphone will do fine. It Will actually work if you plan to do some eqing. O,my time the iphone wont have enough power is when your going extreme. Then you will need to strap a dac/amp for nthe extra power
  5. NV2U
    Keep watching. I saw some UFO PLUS this morning for $119. Also note that some Sellers have started adding the word Pro to the UFO PLUS in order to command a higher price {UFO PLUS Pro}. The UFO comes in two iterations only: UFO and UFO PLUS. Read the naming convention on the box. There is no "Pro" designation.

    I've been a fan of Bluedio from the beginning with their Hurricane Turbines which had abysmal build quality. That poor build quality lasted up through the much touted Legend models, which had glorious sound but easily cracked due to the grade of plastic in the headband. The T2's marked an improvement in build quality but it suffered in loss of bass impact. The T3's improved still further in build quality and restored the bass... But they clacked! Mind you, this build quality scenario is only comparable to historical *Bluedio* quality and not to any other cans. Victory is their best build quality to date. The "V" has it all. 12 drivers - 6 in each ear with little Sub Woofers. {The UFO PLUS also has 12 drivers but with more pronounced bass}.

    ***I was recently told that if we use the Multifunction button on the Victory cans that we can EQ them to sound exactly like the UFO PLUS. With the added upside that this can be turned off if preferred!
  6. s2kPanda
    I've heard my friend's bluedios and I think they sound awful for Chinese knockoff beats headphones. I don't even know why yall are bringing it up on this thread lol. Get these if you want a good bluetooth headphone. They are the RBH-HP2
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  7. NV2U
    One thing we keep in mind here is that these are opinions and as such, we are allowed to express them. Bluedio as a brand was historically low end. We already know this and pointed that out above. However, they are constantly improving and have issued their two flagship entries, the UFO PLUS and the Victory. These are targeted to the Beats demographic, which is legit according to Apple who paid billions to purchase Beats.

    That said, @JediMa70 asked if there were bass-heavy cans near $100 and these two certainly fit that bill when they are on sale. I own the Victory myself. I also own Vmoda, Jerry Harvey, Grado and other upscale headphones. I also have the budget friendly Skull Candy which are welcomed to be discussed here. You can make your point without demeaning someone else. The UFO PLUS and the Victory as bass heavy headphones are eligible for this thread. That is why we are discussing them here.
  8. s2kPanda
    Not really demeaning anyone, I just don't feel they are really worthy of being listed in this thread as an option. Even if they are flagships that are discounted, they don't really hit me as worthy of that price when their bass comes to me as muddy and their mids and highs feel like they drown in that bass. This is just my personal perspective. I myself listed something I felt was a worthwhile purchase that has been well reviewed and recommended by others on this forum. They are not as stylish as the bludios but definitely sound better in my opinion. :p
  9. NV2U
    This thread was created as a departure from the usual bass-phobic norm generally discussed hereabouts. You will not find most of what is discussed here reviewed elsewhere on the site, except to give disparaging remarks about the presence of heavy bass. So to say that something is reviewed well on this site is not necessarily a vote of confidence to a basshead. It is in fact the opposite. We can deduce that the bass though present isn't going to be a basshead quality can. Operative word: basshead.

    To @JediMa70 Sony has a bass wireless {Xb950b1} around $99. But it isn't something that ever interested me. I tried them at Best Buy and was not impressed. **There is also a head-to-head comparison of the Sony, UFO PLUS and the Victory by a bass lover on YouTube which may interest you. Lots of people like the Sony. The upside is that it is available now at the price point that you asked for <$100!
  10. SHAMuuu

    UFO PLUS + xb1k pads.

    Anything above 99$ IMO i would steer clear.

    In saying that, they are OK.

    They are bassy but struggle in the 20-40hz range.

    Not very natural sounding, but they will do for bluetooth and general surfing/casual listening.

    If you must go Bluedio, the Victory Pro seem to be the wiser choice.

    YMMV :)
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  11. trellus
    I’m with Panda on the M&O, which really have great bass but without the mud of cans like the Sony extra bass Bluetooth headphones.

    They’re nearly identical to the RBH HP2, although the HP2 do have a little more bass, but of course those aren’t Bluetooth.
  12. NV2U
    Thanks for chiming in, @SHAMuuu. I agree as I said earlier. Except to add that there is no actual "pro" distinction. It is being used to command more money. The Bluedio website has no such distinction, neither is it found on the box that they come in. I agree wholeheartedly with price: $99 is the bottom line. I waited until they dropped and got the Victory for $95.
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  13. JediMa70
    Atm I've the chance to have for 100 euros some Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 on ear, I tried them in a shop and I liked them a lot, good bass but still good mids and highs without the annoying boomin effect
  14. bobbypete
    can you expand the top 10 list to a top 20.

    also what has more bass, the hd 8 djs, or hd 650.
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    HD 8 DJ for sure.
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