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Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

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  1. jrkong
    OK our last thread got locked so before anything happens I want to get a few things straight:

    • Don't bash Aurisonics based the impressions you read.
    • Aurisonics IEM's were not specifically designed with audiophiles in mind, musicians (specifically vocalists) were the target.
    • SO DON'T COMPLAIN BEFORE YOU LISTEN! It is not fair to the manufacture and it can be particularly misleading.
    • Don't comment on the sound if you haven't listened to any of the AS series whether positive or negative (really just repeating the last point).

    The old thread has gotten kind of lengthy so I will try to put links to useful posts from the last thread here (Thanks to AuralHygiene and Gilly87 for compiling this list from the old thread and to everyone who sends/sent me their link(s) to their review(s)):

    If there's anything I missed PM me please and I'll get it on the list ASAP!

    Important Aurisonics Links

    History of Aurisonics, News and Announcements

    Fender Acquires Aurisonics


    ROCKETS Prefundia Page

    ROCKETS Kickstarter

    johnnytk36's Trip to Aurisonics HQ and ROCKETS Review

    gnarlsagan's ROCKETS vs Tenore VS ER4S

    Current Additions to the List

    Information From Dale

    1. Dale's First Post Talking About Future Products
    2. Question About ASG-1 Revisions
    3. Worry About Quality Control
    4. AS-1 to AS-2 Upgrade Clues
    5. Regarding Aesthetics Prices
    6. About Aurisonics' manufacturing process


    1. AS-2 Announcement
    2. ASG-1S Announcement
    3. ASG-2 Official Launch information
    4. Aurisonics "Get Your Bass On" Contest
    5. ASG-1 Upgrade Program
    6. Rockets Announcement

    Product Teasers (Product Names Will be Added Once They're Known)

    1. Facebook Teaser of Rockets

    Media and Press

    1. Website
    2. Facebook
    3. Pinterest

    Other Cool Aurisonics Related Links

    1. Tour of the New Aurisonics Lab and ASG Prototype Listening Experience

    List of reviews and info thus far:

    Dale from Aurisonics with some important info about upgrade-ability:

    ericp10's Initial Impressions:

    ericp10 compares to GR07:

    Random impressions and comparisons from ericp10:

    Project86's impressions after getting a good fit:

    alphaphoenix's impressions after getting a good fit:

    alphaphoenix's comparison to Atrio MG7:

    shotgunshane's initial impressions:

    shotguneshane's comparison to UM Merlin:

    jaysin's impressions:

    Idsynchro_24's impressions:

    dosley/shotgunshane's comments about "shoutiness" of mids:

    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
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  2. tinyman392
    Thanks for doing this. I'd also like to add, it's a fix for a mistake we had last time: let's just make a statement that a certain user that hasn't heard the AS(G)s hasn't if they comment about the sound (whether positive or negative) and ignore them after that. And please, for the love of ___ no memes or anything of that sort :p (we already know what that does :p).
  3. jrkong
    But really, this was something that needed to be done especially because Aurisonics is generating so much interest. Besides, I'm sure one of you would have done this even if I haven't.
  4. Xymordos
    Are there any reviews for the AS-1 (not G) yet? I have yet to see any...
  5. Swimsonny
    Yeh this was more what i was feeling, if people want to be negative thats fine ASLONG as they have heard them, if they have not its wrong.
    We know there not for everyone and we do not have to justify this by saying they were made for different purposes! But yeh lets keep this clean!


    I was just about too when i found this....

  6. jrkong
    As of now I've only seen a handful of people with it and no reviews. I still need to send my impressions in. I'm going to do it along with the with my ASG-1 so they can be updated. So stay tuned!
  7. jrkong
    By the way, anyone have the ASG-1.2?
  8. AuralHygiene
    I'm still waiting for the AS-1's. Anticipation is killing me :) But besides the initial information about the AS-1's, there's been no news updates. [I'll try to replace this with an initial impression when i receive them]
    Thanks for remaking the thread. Responsibilities on you now :) 
  9. jrkong
    Same! I'll update the link on my blog as well when we get news of them. I believe it is the ASG-1S though. I gladly accept this responsibility and I really appreciate your original thread starter, it saved me a lot of time.
  10. PhoenixClaw
    I've heard over at the local forum that the ASG-1 v1.2 will be shipping around the 2nd week of May, which isn't too far. I guess Aurisonics is doing their best to get it out as fast as they can. 
  11. jrkong
    Not sure when they are shipping out but I'm getting my ASG-1.1 updated
  12. PhoenixClaw
    Actually, the post was from the local distributor so the dates must be really accurate. It's really good to see the feedback be responded to in such a short time. 
  13. jrkong
    Hmm sounds interesting, though at this point I'm just curious in the sound
  14. PhoenixClaw
    Me too. The graphs released by Aurisonics looked very appealing. I'm sure we all have to take everything by salt, but even the potential of having such a smooth sound with emphasis on the mids is very tempting. 
    It's really unfortunate I can't audition them, even when the v1.2 arrives here because they don't have a physical shop. As much as I would like to convince myself, if I don't like the sound, I just won't like the sound, so I always make it a point to listen to something before buying.
  15. jrkong
    It's true, if you don't like it, you won't like it no matter what
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