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London Calling...19th October, 2013.  

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Further to our successful April meet in London, I hope that you will be able to attend our Winter Head-Fi event.


Date: Saturday 19th October, 2013


Location: Hotel Russell


Times: 10am to 4pm


After Party: 4pm onwards in the hotel bar...!


A reminder of the April event:











Custom Cable will be involved again and will be bringing along their vast range of headphones, Amps, Cables, etc.  No other dealers will be invited as we don't want to turn this into an indoor Tottenham Court Road...!


Company attendance confirmed:


Arcam, JVC, German Maestro, Harman, Audioquest, Comply, Shure, Just Audio, Grado, Beyer Dynamic, Audio Technica, Final Audio Design & Smyth Research.


Now closed off for commercial attendees.


So what else is planned...?


Well firstly, I'm arranging a 'quiet listening room' which will be in a separate room and will be kitted out with 4 stations hopefully. I'll let the manufacturers / custom cable deal with this and set up a variety of stuff for folk to try out. Listening slots of 10 mins per station and you can swap round them all. If we can fit in more, we will do so. So here's hoping that we can get a variety of headphone amp / headphone folk along.


Second, we'll have the same main hall with food & drink available again. If we have enough demand, I might arrange for the adjoining hall also. Lunch will be served at 12.30pm - which again will be free, courtesy of the kind sponsorship.


Third and this is the tricky bit for me, I took a step back after the weekend and thought 'you know what's missing?' and came up with 'actual music' - as in a discussion about recording formats and the artists involved. To that end, I thought I'd have a look / see on one of my favourite sites for up & coming artists - and see if I could get in touch with someone, who would be willing to come along and give us an insight into their creativity, the work that goes into recording and also how they view the HQ formats that they sell their recordings on (FLAC, Alac, etc) - My thoughts were that we could all help support some of this new talent by buying their album from bandcamp and discuss it with the Artist concerned at the event.


Now I know that musical tastes vary dramatically, but I still think it's worth following through, as personally I'd love to get the views of a recording artist. EDITED****


Artist attending now confirmed...! Local UK talent, up & coming singer Russ Poole will be coming along.


Russ has two albums on bandcamp, I love the song 'Coming Home' but there is also a new album with some great tracks. Both albums will only set you back a fiver - so please buy them and we can get some insight into Russ's music when he comes down.




Lastly their will be a charity raffle again and i hope to get some cool prizes again - tickets at £10 each, same as previously. Will post up the prizes as we progress.


With regards to Hotel rooms - I'm asking the Hotel to offer preferential rates to HeadFi members as I know it's expensive. I've decided that I'll most likely stay Friday & Saturday night, rather than trying to rush back to Kent. I was shattered by the time I got back.


To sign up - all you have to do is add your name to this thread*. It doesn't matter if you have lots of equipment or a single solitary pair of earbuds that you bought for 9.99, all are welcome regardless of age or experience - we're all learning - all the time...!


*Please note that the organisers reserve the right to refuse admittance.

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Alas, this is one London Meet I won't be able to attend, as I believe the Fall Tokyo Headphone Festival is happening that weekend, too.


I just got back home, but I'm missing all of my new London friends (not to mention that wonderful city) already!

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Yes please! I am definitely coming to this one smily_headphones1.gif
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Wow i hope this one will be as awesome as the last one (I have no doubt that it will Infact be more awesome, however)

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Cheers guys, hoping to make this one even better again and I will do my utmost to make it so. All I need is support from all the great manufacturers out there...smily_headphones1.gif and of course for you all to come along and enjoy the day.

Sorry you can't make it Jude, always next year...!

One other thing, any manufacturer that would also like to sponsor our name badges and have their logo printed on them, please get in touch.I will be getting these done from a badge printing company...all nice, so everyone knows who everyone else is...and as a momento of the event.wink.gif
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If you are looking for a recordng artist in London I am friends with the drummer from Motorcycle Display Team ( and i could get him to come along. He is a big fan of my headphones too!

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I'm already there.

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Count me in again! Hope this is equally if not even more successful than the one on Saturday.

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Well, I'll be there if I can!
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I'm in as well! The last event was amazing, and I have no doubt this one will exceed all expectations! Thanks GSARider for all of your efforts!

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Looks like you are already on the case to top a hugely successful event. I'm totally impressed by your energy and enthusiasm Naseem. Please count me in for October.
Your ideas are great. Re name badges while I agree that proper sponsored badges would be cool a simple sticky label that we write our name on as we come in would be fine...
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Originally Posted by markgreville View Post

If you are looking for a recordng artist in London I am friends with the drummer from Motorcycle Display Team (
) and i could get him to come along. He is a big fan of my headphones too!

With a name like that and me being a life long can I possibly refuse....biggrin.gif would he happen to have his music available in FLAC?
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Thanks for your faith in me chaps, I'll do my best.

Name badges, I'd prefer to get nice ones made up, if I can't , we'll go with sticky labels as plan B...biggrin.gif
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Sign me up please, had a great time at the last one, can't wait!
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Last weekend's meet was great, I'm definitely up for another one biggrin.gif
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