1. Tony-Hifi

    Aurisonics earphones at massively reduced prices.

      Following the Aurisonics acquisition by  Fender Musical Instruments Corporation we are please to be offering our full range of Aurisonics earphones at massively reduced prices.   All brand new stock with full warranty. We are UK based but able to ship worldwide.
  2. Lauwrence

    Etymotic HF5 vs Sleek Audio AS1

    Hey all,   Quick intro: name is Lawrence Robinson, 38yrs, based in The Netherlands. I've a background in DJ'g and am a big fan of music and quality of such in general. Lots of electronic (Depeche Mode, Jarre, Vangelis), pop (modern, Michael Jackson, 80's), dance (90's).   I'm looking to...
  3. queenkong

    Denon C300's bass vs jh16 / Aurisonics AS1.2 / AS2?

    Hi guys! Been ransacking the whole internet to not be able to find any similar comparisons! :( I currently owns the Denon C300 dual dynamic 11mm , had the um3x and prefers the denon in terms of bass but the um3x in terms of vocal and forward mids. My songs are literally everything, from...
  4. Ony38

    AS-1 Digital-Hybrid Custom VS 1964-Q

    Hy guys!   I want to buy some CIEM like portable headphone in every day life and like monitor when I play drums (concert).   I really enjoy my LCD2, the sound on percussion and drums is really natural and true to my ears and my taste. I want a CIEM in this spirit of sound signature with...
  5. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: Aurisonics AS-1b (ver1.2) Custom-fit Dynamic Driver In-Ear Stage Monitor

    Synopsis: The Aurisonics AS-1b is a very nice custom-fit monitor with a sound tuned for the needs of professional musicians performing on stage. It gives the listener a mid-centric sound that emphasizes the vocal range so a singer stands out in the mix. The large 15mm dynamic driver has an...
  6. jrkong

    Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

    OK our last thread got locked so before anything happens I want to get a few things straight: Don't bash Aurisonics based the impressions you read. Aurisonics IEM's were not specifically designed with audiophiles in mind, musicians (specifically vocalists) were the target. SO DON'T COMPLAIN...
  7. Aurisonics AS-1b

    Aurisonics AS-1b

    AS-1b 15mm Dynamic Driver Custom Fit In-Ear Monitor