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Denon C300's bass vs jh16 / Aurisonics AS1.2 / AS2?

  1. queenkong
    Hi guys!

    Been ransacking the whole internet to not be able to find any similar comparisons! :frowning2:

    I currently owns the Denon C300 dual dynamic 11mm , had the um3x and prefers the denon in terms of bass but the um3x in terms of vocal and forward mids. My songs are literally everything, from Pianoguys to Katy Perry to Bruno Mars to Party mix and electro. 

    Got some cash recently and wanted to go into customs with comparable bass, but also better vocal and mids, something like a combination of UM3X and Denon c300! 

    Been reading intensively for days and I've narrowed down to Jh16 or the Aurisonics AS1.2 / AS 2 based on 3 different price ranges with the jh16 being the highest but also a different type of drivers compared to the Aurisonics. 

    Read about the merlins too but had my concerns due to many negative feedback about communications and time taken. So I striked it off the list.

    But no matter what, I cant really decide for the best bang for bucks unless I hear them myself but being customs, I can't really get a hand on them in local stores for me (Singapore).

    Was hoping I can get better comparisons from you guys!!! Please!! :D

  2. queenkong
    Please help? Especially those who have experiences and knowledge to these earphones! Please! :D

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