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Aurisonics earphones at massively reduced prices.

  1. Valens7
    Wow! :flushed: You're not kidding about the prices being "massively reduced," are you? There's some very nice deals to be had.
  2. gikigill
    The black ASG 2.5 going to Australia is mine:smiley_cat:
  3. Feilong4
    If only I saw this thread when it came out =/ 
    I had my eyes on the Forte's for a while so if they're out I'll just hope for decently priced used pairs.
  4. ThatPhil
    Just bought the ASG-1+
  5. jincuteguy
    YOu guys don't have any Harmony or ASG2.5 left?
  6. b1uedeath
    I second this. Do you possibly have any spare inventory somewhere?
  7. Luisantoniog80
    Hello, are you going to restock the ASG 2.5(red)?
  8. NPWS
  9. doctorjazz
    Looks like the 2.5 is gone...:frowning2:
  10. Tony-Hifi
    We have a VERY limited quantity of Aurisonics stock being transfered to us from our sister company in Germany, this will be listed on our site early next week.
    davidcotton and jmills8 like this.
  11. Wailing Fungus
    Hi Tony,

    Any update on the additional stock from Germany?

  12. Tony-Hifi
    Hi guys, I am out of the office this week, but the team at Hifiheadphones have put our small quantity of Aurisonics stock from Germany online this afternoon.. Be quick!
  13. angelsblood
    no asg 2.5? :'(

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