1. Tony-Hifi

    Aurisonics earphones at massively reduced prices.

      Following the Aurisonics acquisition by  Fender Musical Instruments Corporation we are please to be offering our full range of Aurisonics earphones at massively reduced prices.   All brand new stock with full warranty. We are UK based but able to ship worldwide.
  2. jude

    Fender Buys Aurisonics And Announces Five New IEM Models!

      Fender Musical Instruments Corporation--known to most as the legendary guitar company "Fender"--has decided to enter the headphone world, and, to me, that's big news in itself. What makes this story even more significant in our little part of the world is that Fender decided to get into the...
  3. eke2k6

    [REVIEW] Aurisonics ASG-2 & 2.5 (with many comparisons)

    Update: Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Revision (main ASG-2 review below)                       After more than a year since its release, the ASG-2 has been officially updated to a new revision. Dale and co. listened to customer feedback about the original, and have tweaked it accordingly. ...
  4. JohnC-HiFi

    Aurisonics Bravo Series - Eva, Kicker, Forte and Harmony In-Ear Headphones

                                        Hifiheadphones are pleased to announce that we will soon have stock of the new Aurisonics Bravo series of 3D printed in-ear monitor headphones - the Eva, Kicker, Forte and Harmony. Each model has their own sound signature - the series has...
  5. AxelCloris

    Introducing the Aurisonics Auris

    At CanJam 2014, part of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, I was lucky enough to be pulled aside by Dale Lott of Aurisonics and shown an upcoming product, the Aurisonics Auris.   Image courtesy of   First, a quick background about Aurisonics just for those who many not know the...
  6. mark2410

    Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Review by mark2410

    Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Review   Thanks to Hifiheadphones for the loaner.       First Impressions:  Whoops.  Silly me thought I had but I clearly didn’t make notes at the time so I going by what I recall of my first encounter with the 2.5’s.  The box at stuff, are nothing particularly...
  7. johnnytk36

    Aurisonics - A short review after playing with the AS-1, AS-2, and the new Rockets.

    I have browsed the Head-Fi forums many times over the years, but never had a reason to really to post. Today, I do. I just spent two hours with Dale from Aurisonics and I will tell you what I found out and listened to.     A little of my history:   I have always cared about good sounding...
  8. Aurisonics

    A New Audio Standard Is Forged With Introduction of Sonically Inspiring Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor

     A New Audio Standard Is Forged With Introduction of Sonically Inspiring Hybrid Custom In-Ear Monitor   NASHVILLE – Aurisonics Incorporated, a forward thinking and groundbreaking in-ear audio products company based in Tennessee, will release the AS-2, its highly anticipated second series...
  9. kenman345

    [REVIEW] Aurisonics AS-2's - Like being a kid in a candy store with a bag full of quarters

    Preface: Review not formatted for Head-fi, sorry for any weird formatting   Introduction A few months ago I decided to get myself a pair of Custom In-Ear Monitors. I decided to buy the AS-1's as I liked the ideas behind them very much, but Dale Lott of Aurisonics surprised me and gave me a...
  10. jrkong

    Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

    OK our last thread got locked so before anything happens I want to get a few things straight: Don't bash Aurisonics based the impressions you read. Aurisonics IEM's were not specifically designed with audiophiles in mind, musicians (specifically vocalists) were the target. SO DON'T COMPLAIN...
  11. rebbi

    Aurisonics Rockets vs. Etymotic ER-4P

    Got the Ety's now, thinking of picking up used Rockets. Worth it? I like the Ety sound a lot. Thanks!