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Fender Buys Aurisonics And Announces Five New IEM Models!

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  1. jude Administrator
    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation--known to most as the legendary guitar company "Fender"--has decided to enter the headphone world, and, to me, that's big news in itself. What makes this story even more significant in our little part of the world is that Fender decided to get into the business of headphones by acquiring Aurisonics, the Nashville-based specialty maker of custom-fit and universal-fit in-ear monitors (IEMs) founded by Dale Lott, and known to many of our community members here.
    In the recent past we've seen Gibson (another famous guitar brand) buy Onkyo (which bought Pioneer Home Entertainment)--and also recently bought Philips' audio, video, multimedia, and accessories business--in huge, large-scale deals that headphones were parts of. For Fender, though, this was all about headphones, and saw them seeking out a boutique manufacturer who developed, made, and sold nothing other than headphones.
    For those of you here not familiar with them, Aurisonics is a small, sophisticated headphone manufacturer whose customer base is comprised of a solid mix of professional musicians/performers and, of course, diehard headphone audiophiles. Aurisonics was a regular at Head-Fi meets and events in the past several years. Aurisonics, and its founder Dale Lott, have been very genuine members of our community, and I'm thrilled for them that such a renowned name in the music world saw enough value in the types of products that thrill this community to acquire Aurisonics.
    When Dale called me to tell me about the deal, he was beyond excited about it. He said:
    Fender will be coming to market with five new in-ear monitor models:
    1. The Fender DXA1 Pro, priced at $99, has a custom 8.5mm titanium micro dynamic driver.
    2. The Fender FXA2 Pro, priced at $199, uses a custom 9.25mm rare-earth dynamic driver and mechanically tuned bass port.
    3. The Fender FXA5 Pro, priced at $299, is of particular interest to me, as it is Dale Lott's first design using all balanced armature drivers (two of them).
    4. The Fender FXA6 Pro, priced at $399, uses their HDBA (Hybrid Dynamic & Balanced Armature) Array, with a single balanced armature tweeter and a custom 9.25mm dynamic driver, in a design that doesn't require a crossover, and is mechanically tuned and ported.
    5. The Fender FXA7 Pro, priced at $499, also uses their HDBA Array, with dual balanced armature tweeters, and the custom 9.25mm dynamic driver, with mechanical tuning and porting.
    Here are some photos Dale just sent me from NAMM (where the launch is happening):
    IMG_6601.jpg   IMG_6600.jpg
    IMG_6610.jpg   IMG_6621.jpg
    IMG_6623.jpg   IMG_6547.jpg
    IMG_6546.jpg   IMG_6545.jpg
    More information to follow below.
  2. jude Administrator
    Regarding the FXA products, Andy Rowley (formerly of Aurisonics, now of Fender) emailed me this:
    Regarding the Fender FXA5 Pro (Dale's first all-BA design):
    Regarding the entry-level Fender DXA1 Pro, Dale wrote:
    Some quick first impressions to follow below.
  3. Netforce
    Nice new iems, would love to hear them some time!
  4. Gilleron0
    Exciting news indeed!
    I hope they will continue to put out products with the same (or better) Aurisonics build and sound quality that we've known and loved for years.
    Cheers!!! [​IMG]
  5. tienbasse
    We'll see if this helps selling their IEMs outside the US, there are currently too few distributors worldwide.
    And I hope above all that they will keep the level of service they provided until now, I was always treated nicely.
  6. 1TrickPony
    Congrats. Sounds really exciting! What happens then to the current AS line up?
  7. Antihippy
    Oh wow, I was wondering why they've been quiet lately.

    Also it seems like they've repurposed the bravo line.
  8. jude Administrator
    I just added a post above that mentions the previous models, and how these fit in. It seems the FXA2, FXA6 and FXA7 are based on the Aurisonics Bravo Series, but re-tuned enough to be new, according to Dale Lott (in a text message exchange). (I hadn't previously heard the Bravo Series models, so I can't personally comment on this.)
  9. eldss
    This is interesting. Being a musician myself and mixing monitors for bands, I always find guitar players the hardest to please and convince about IEMs. Wonder if the sound signatures on the new series and brand will appeal to guitar players now. This could be interesting and with their brand and worldwide distribution, these guys are gonna be all over the place now.  
  10. Antihippy

    Alright, thank you. Looking forward to impressions.
  11. Luisantoniog80
    Hello, that's good news for aurisonics. What's going to happen to the asg 2.5?
  12. shotgunshane Contributor
    Congrats Dale, very happy for you!
    UnityIsPower likes this.
  13. RollsRoys
    2.5 were outboard since Bravo series have arrived last year.
  14. 13713
    Fender customer service is top notch for the things I needed. Strange to see them going this way but this might benefit both companies well.
  15. kyuuketsuki
    Congrats Dale. And hey, I can ask my Fender rep if I can get any deals on them. 
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