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AS-1 Digital-Hybrid Custom VS 1964-Q

  1. Ony38
    Hy guys!
    I want to buy some CIEM like portable headphone in every day life and like monitor when I play drums (concert).
    I really enjoy my LCD2, the sound on percussion and drums is really natural and true to my ears and my taste. I want a CIEM in this spirit of sound signature with a price under 600$.
    I find this 2 CIEM's :
    - AS-1 Digital-Hybrid Custom
    - 1964-Q
    And i don't know which one to choose...
    If someone can help me to choose between this two products and tell me the difference between each CIEM, it would be perfect!
    Ps: sorry for my poor english level, maybe a french curse!
  2. Ony38
    Nobodys can help me?

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