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The Aurisonics “Get Your BASS On” contest to promote the release of the ASG-2  is now underway.  There are prizes for winners as well as additional winners chosen from entries in the contest.  Contest will end on December 17th.




-”Like” Aurisonics’ Facebook page


-”Like” Aurisonics’ contest post on Facebook




-Post a real picture or video on our facebook or Head-Fi thread of your Aurisonics product shown in an interesting place ( Mt. Everest, Antarctica, on stage with Lady Gaga, etc.). 




-Post to our Facebook or Head-fi thread (200 words or less) why you should have serial #0001 of the ASG-2.  Please include a real picture or video of how you use your current audio gear.


Best picture/video/post wins a polished and black rhodium plated pre-release version of the ASG-2 serial number #0001


Four additional standard finish (frosted clear) ASG-2’s will be awarded at random to contestants from remaining entries.


To say thank you to our loyal Aurisonics family and Head-Fi supporters we will announce special ASG-2 pre-release pricing and open up pre release sales for one day only during the contest. We will also announce a one day only price on our AS-2 custom series monitors.


Official Rules: http://www.aurisonics.com/store/index.php?main_page=page&id=13

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Why should I, the glorious Panda of Head-Fi, get the Serial # 1 of the ASG-2? Because if Panda Wins, then you win a review....








Actual Post: 

'Twas brillig, and the slithy Dre's

Did gyre and gimble with the fans

All mimsy were the fangirls,

And the band geeks outgrabe.


"Beware the Beats, my son!

The marketing that bite, the bass that catch!

Beware the SYNCH's, and shun

The rapper endorsed bandersnatch!"


I took my vorpal Aurisonics in hand:

Long time the manxome troll I sought --

So he rested by the headphone forum contest

And stood awhile while trooling.


And, as in uffish thought he wondered, 

The fan trool, with eyes of dis-information,

Came whiffling through the forum wood,

And screamed as it came!


One, two! One, two! And through and through

The bass of the ASG-2 Serial #1 thew it off its track!

We left it with new knowledge, and bass in its head.

HE went calumphing back to Amazon to order some Aurisonics and sell his Beats.


"And, has thou defeated the troll?

Come to my arms, my champions

O frabjous day! Beats-away! 

We chortled in the joy.



'Twas brillig, and the slithy Dre's

Did gyre and gimble with the fans

All mimsy were the fangirls,

And the band geeks outgrabe.







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Aurisonics you should give me your #1 serial number of the ASG-2 because free stuff is awesome and I want free stuff. Also I don't have very much experience with iems and I'm trying to decide what kind of customs to buy so if your products are super awesome and rock my socks off, then I'll probably end up buying even more from you~! Thus through this logic you would be gaining a devoted customer if you have confidence in your product. Also I believe that you would be doing the world a favor and introducing this struggling college young adult to enter into the world of high class iems. 





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Kind of like the bass will....:-D....hit you over the head

Originally Posted by 28980 View Post

~Reserved. Waiting for creativity to hit me over the head.~

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Why should I have serial #0001 of the ASG-2's?

Because I can cut off (longish) hair so that when people ask me why there is some bling hearing aids in my ears at school, I can enlighten them about the nuances and technicalities of the ASG-2's and on the whole sing the praises of Aurosonic. XD

My around-the-house setup that I use when I don't feel like being tied down to my desktop setup.

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Hmm.. thinking :3

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Good luck guys! I wish I hadn't sold my ASG-1! Maybe some photoshop is in order...
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Pretty sure old pictures may count. Or you can do the second thing and write a small paragraph.

Originally Posted by gnarlsagan View Post

Good luck guys! I wish I hadn't sold my ASG-1! Maybe some photoshop is in order...
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Still lookin for a nice place to take good shots~
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Reserved baby

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I think i should get these, as i've been going through quite a few IEM's, reviewing lots and have still yet to find a bassy IEM that doesnt sacrifice anything and thats comfortable. My new Hisound Wooduo 2 is quite close, but i dont like the fit as i prefer over the ear.


Serial number #0001 is something special, and deserves a place in my audio gear, hand made is awesome, I make my own cables and the ASG-2 deserves one of my cables! They belong with my soon to be aquired Alclair reference monitors and my portable rig.


I have yet to try a Aurisonics product, so i will write a review and also they look damn sexy.


I use my IEM's on the bus on the way to college, to block out the noisy students, absorbed in my world of audio bliss, a bass boost is helpful to drown out the engine noise of the bus.

I also use them whilst working, as i'm a part-time gardener at a hotel, its great to use headphones whilst mowing the lawn, and weeding, just to distract me whilst working, and riding my bike to where i work too, Don't worry, it is all mountain biking no roads with cars, so i wont get knocked over.


I am also using my Sennheiser HD238 at the moment, as i dont have any IEM's to use :( the problem is these do not isolate at all on the bus to college, and the ASG-2 would be soooo nice to show off to my friends.


Thanks for this great opportunity, and good luck to everyone, im not very creative, so this post is pretty boring, sorry.


Me waiting for bus with my Hisound Wooduo 2 (now sold, as they are not quite to my liking) and my pony (1 year old now, so cute)





Me on the bus with the Wooduo 2


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Can anyone shed some light on how much the upgrade from ASG-1 --> ASG-2 will cost? I'm considering my first pair of CIEMs, but if the upgrade will be significantly cheaper, I might just go that route.

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damn facebook competitions.

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Come on guys, lets see you get your bass on!!!

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