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Originally Posted by ericp10 View Post

I agree with project86. The sound may not be for everyone, and I'm pretty sure - through some discussions with Dale - that the sound of these IEMs were engineered for a particular customer base. Now, I'm sure Aurisonics is quite happy that some outside of that customer base can appreciate the sound and build quality of their products, but we at head-fi should never lose sight of the fact that these IEMs sound the way they do for a reason. 


I know it was never the intention of Aurisonics to produce the ASG-1 in a way that would garner generic mass appeal. And again, we shouldn't forget that this is not an American company by name only (meaning their products are manufactured by the thousands a day over in China), but a small company in the USA that hand build these themselves. Give them some breathing room...

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Good reminder  Eric. All following the thread from beginning should know this already.


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Good News... 2nd batch shipped.. Just got my tracking number...oh yeah baby...

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Originally Posted by jant71 View Post

The realism is excellent but not sure I think the ASG-1 is big on immediacy Gilly. I find them laid back and not very immediate. Everything is pushed back further away even the vocals, which are indeed forward, but are still more "rows" back then on some other phones. My modded TF10 is very immediate and aggressive even though it has the same large soundstage it is way more in your face. With the better clarity/transparency it is like being on stage with the band vs. several rows back and listening partly through the speakers with the ASG-1.

The ASG-1 misses the mark a bit as a personal listening phone though it is better than other stage monitors like the UM2 and SM3. I haven't played with EQ on the PC yet but on portables the ASG-1 seem to need a bit of boost ~6K to clear them up(the hollow, artificial thing others have reported). IMO, a cable change is most likely in order and if chosen correctly will make them one of the best universal phones for personal listening.

Almost like a brother to my TF10. Both fairly large phones that give me trouble in one ear(TF the R, ASG-1 the L ear). They cost the same. Both are very sensitive to fit/tip esp. angle and depth of insertion. They need cable upgrades to get rid of an off/artificial aspect in their sound. Very similar yet very different. 

Well that's a bummer but Ill try not to pass judgment until I hear them.

What kind of cable would help bring the sound forward and maybe make it a bit lusher? Any ideas?
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I did a little experiment...



I put my old UE stock cable on and as I thought some of the stage tuning is gone. More bassy consumer fun sound with no real peaks or oddities. Mids are a bit more in balance. Treble might be a bit more up front as well. I enjoy the sound with my usual sound settings. Haven't changed tips either. Sounds less "off" than it did before. Shorter memory wire portion is also much preferred even if the cable itself is more unwieldy. I am actually happier with the way the ASG-1 sounds now as far as signature/sound balance!

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^The wonders cables make wink.gif
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Hmm...interesting to see the change with cable but I've just asked Matt if I can cancel my order...I think I'm going to just get another pair of SE215 and see how long I can stay away from Head-Fi...this place is a bigger burden than my retail income can handle...its such a disappointing quest when you know what you want and it just doesn't exist.
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Never judge till you heard Gilly...


I'm already judging that I won;t like them according to the reviews and impressions - but I still want to try them and give them time.

Even the MG7's at first didn't really blend well with their closed soundstage, but as time has gone by...I've grown to absolutely love them.

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Originally Posted by dogears View Post

^The wonders cables make ;)

Yep, the cable that gives an odd plastic sheen to the note of the TF10 minimizes/fixes something off in the ASG-1. They are more upfront and more balanced and more musical. I know some commented on them being less exciting and I'd agree with that compared to my other phones but now that has certainly seemed to changed for the better.


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Well mine shipped today so I guess I'm in!

@jant71, What kind of effect does the silver ray cable have on your TF10?
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Originally Posted by dogears View Post

^The wonders cables make ;)

Yeah. I am not saying that changing the cable doesn't make a difference...it very well might (in fact, I hope it does).  But when I hear someone say they heard what they thought they were going to hear, I am naturally somewhat skeptical.  No offense meant jant71.


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No offense taken:). I have had 8 UE phones with that cable so I know it's signature and it's flaws. So, I had no problem saying "as I thought" cause when you have enough experience you can predict.wink_face.gif Pleasant surprises were the shorter memory wire being more unobtrusive and after removing the extra sheathing there is a lip which actually snaps and locks in on the ASG-1.


I always take this cable off my UE and don't think it very good as far as resolving power or transmission speed or transparency etc. but I do know the balance it brings and it was worth slicing up the connectors for the attempt. Never had one break on me but it has a rep for failure as well. Not the be all or anything but it does work. Just an experiment to test it out. I'm sure Dale's talk of offering the other cables will accomplish the same thing; certainly there will be one more suited for personal listening. There will be better than this stock UE cable. Not really recommending it but just showing that the phones will/can be altered to a more suitable signature for those that want it.

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I wish I tried that when I had the ASG-1, I have a VI cable that I could have sacraficed..eek.gif
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All change happens in the head!!!

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Just received my new ASG-1's.  I was very pleased during sound check this afternoon with my generics.  I was less pleased with my selection of bands!  I'll know more tonight after the show when my main artist takes her mic.


I can't wait for my molds to come in!

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