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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Carrow
    Shoutout to Tuneout Audio for completely wasting my time on an order and not even pretending they were interested in my custom. I get that they're busy but it seemed to me they were very reluctant to even respond to my messages, never mind get back to me with shipping and payment info. Not sure what that's about as I'd heard nothing but good things, but if they don't want to respond to me in a relatively timely fashion then it can't be helped.
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  2. drey101
    Don't worry, you lucked out and saved some money. DP100, Panda PK2, SL 1.0 are all better buds. The Tuneout All In SE I ordered was lauded to be balanced and mid centric, but apparently that means drowning out the rest of the sound with midbass.
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  3. waynes world
    I have no idea, but I wonder if Chinese New Year has had an effect on them (seems to shut down Aliexpress lol).
  4. HungryPanda
    China seem to be back up and running (in some places anyway) getting messages and orders shipping notices today
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  5. drey101
    Shouldn't have affected them much, as CNY only gave the Philippines a single day of holiday (Feb 5). They've been very active in the local groups already, so it's possible that they're just not as interested in the international scene because they're too bust dealing with local requests. There was a large influx of orders recently for the local scene as a cache of JVC Victors were found and many of the local shops were selling modded versions of it. Not sure if they were part of that, but afaik the stock of Victors dried up.
  6. Winterheim
    They weren't selling any JVC/Victors or modded ones but they were putting up a lot of their DIY buds on sale as they had a significant price drop on their merch.
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  7. Rockwell75
    I'm looking for a set of wide boar eartips similar in size to the stock silicon tips (not the FA ones) that come with the Campfire Atlas but are more comfortable...any suggestions?
  8. j4100
    Wrong thread. This is for earbuds. No silicone in here :)
  9. Rockwell75
    Oops lol...yeah I derped and thought this thread was about eartips.
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  10. Willber
  11. GREQ
    So a few weeks ago I had a little misunderstanding about the Kube (v1) being an essentially 'later variant' of the Cubu (or Cubus).
    @Redcarmoose pointed out that these are actually different buds, and offered to send one out for measuring.

    Upon receiving it, every physical aspect of these buds is identical to the Kube aside from the printed text (and colour ^_^)
    Even the acoustic lens perforations appear to be the same size.
    (I noticed that the holes in the Sabia V6 lens are slightly larger, and this is likely a factor in bud tuning)

    The Cubu was burned with pink noise for approximately 15 hours before listening/measuring.


    A little disclaimer:
    First of all - Earbuds are the most difficult things to measure. They don't quite fit in the silicone ears properly on the MiniDSP EARS jig, and no compensation curve for buds is provided.
    These measurements are all made using:
    - a single piece of new foam
    - Unique IEM compensation file provided by MiniDSP
    - Rubber band around jig to help keep bud in one place while measuring (helps prevent creeping)

    The results are non scientific and channel differences are more likely to be incremental differences in seal/fit and not channel imbalance, and should all be taken with a pinch of salt in the spirit of fun.
    Some of these graphs take 20-30 sweeps to get something actually usable from a single channel.

    I found my two Kubes to sound pretty much identical, so this is useful for a sanity check.
    theKube2.png kube black2.png

    Cubu, at a glance, appears to be identical, and for the most part it is!
    It looks like there could be slightly more treble energy, and I think my ears hear it to.... but I'm still not 100% sure.
    No doubt, these buds are siblings, dare I say twins, albeit not identical. There could be a 2-3% incremental difference at most, but I might be fooling myself at this point.
    I've also got the problem of A/B'ing with buds, which as we all know is insanely difficult to judge because incremental changes in fit will affect the tonal balance... so that happens literally every swap.

    If I had to declare anything concrete, is that these buds (Cubu / Kube) are more similar than any other buds I've heard or own, and they might be the same.
    (I reserve the right to come back and eat my words at any point! :D )

  12. MelodyMood
  13. seanc6441
    This is a sort of PSA post:

    Protect your hearing guys. Don't listen too loud. Better to be safe than have to deal with hearing issues.

    I say this because I recently developed Tinnitus in my left ear. I'm not sure if it was because I was listening to music too loudly (I was at that time, even if just for 5 minutes) or the ear infection I had. But for the past 3 days I've been dealing with a high pitch ringing in my left ear. It's not pleasant but I'm trying to deal with it and look for possible ways to manage/reduce it or hopefully get rid of it.

    Another possibility is I got it through taking medication (I was on Amoxicillin antibiotics for strep throat) as many are ototoxic and in a small minority of cases can cause hearing and balance issues by effecting the ears. So just beware of that too.

    So right now I'm staying clear of listening to my buds for a few weeks and will report back soon and ease myself back into listening at low-moderate volumes.

    But please for everyones sake keep your ears safe, you've no idea how nice it is to hear crystal clear, and in silence and we take our ears for granted sometimes (at least I did!). Take care guys!
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
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  14. seanc6441
    On another note, received my blox Yin "upgrade" from blox earphones as I sent my TM9 in a while back.

    I will post my impressions in a few weeks once I get back to listening.
  15. Matarro
    Sorry to hear about this, that sucks. I hope you have a speedy recovery! I worry about this sometimes myself since I often listen in loud environments which causes me to turn up the volume. (Noise canceling headphones isn't an option, gotta be semi aware of my surroundings.) Opting for podcasts or audio books on those occasions seems like a good idea, they don't get quite as loud.

    Anyway, take care, Sean. Hope you can get back to enjoying your music again soon!
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