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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Willber
    Hi @MelodyMood, welcome to the forum.

    I don't have many buds with a mic but the best I have is this:

    Don't be put off by the low price. I prefer it to the Monk+, EMX500S and Yincrow X6 that you mention (I don't have the TP16). Sound and build quality are excellent, with a very large soundstage due to the vented back. I would say that the signature is similar to the X6. It is in my top 5 favourites, beating lots of earphones costing many times more. Highly recommended by me.
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  2. MelodyMood
    Thanks. Let me review it. One query, due to vented back, does it leak sound when you listen? When you say it is similar to X6, what difference we can notice?
  3. Willber
    Yes, there is likely to be some leakage. Not sure how much more than other buds, though.

    The similarity is in the balance between the various frequencies (lows - mids - highs). I use EQ and the profiles I have set up are very similar for both of them. The MS16 has a bigger soundstage (which is my main priority) and I think tighter lows. I am not in a position to A/B them at the moment.
  4. MelodyMood
    Ok. I also noticed that you have Snow Lotus earbuds. ow are they? I guess thee is an Iris earbud too. Are they good in Bass and smooth on high?
  5. Willber
    Both the SLs I have are excellent throughout the frequency range but different to each other. There are lots of good impressions on this forum for them. Both are also in my top 5 but don't have mics.
  6. MelodyMood
    Ok. So it seems it is not easy to find better earbud than TP16 or Yincrow around same price range? Especially which has higher impedence and have mic too.
  7. Willber
    I'm just one person and these things are subjective. Hopefully you will get more replies. But I have given you an option that IMO is better than the X6 you like, and which has a mic, for less than $6 - I would say that's a pretty good start! :wink:
  8. MelodyMood
    Thanks brother. I will also wait for others to reply and provide their input.
  9. Willber
    Good luck, lots of knowledgeable people on here. I'm off to bed now.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
  10. palestofwhite
    Out goes the ZOE and AOE... :smiling_imp:
  11. MelodyMood
    What is ZOE and AOE?
  12. palestofwhite
    Omega Editions of the VE Zen and Asura...
  13. MelodyMood
    Ok. I heard they are very expensive earbuds. US$100-200 range.
  14. palestofwhite
    That's right. Somehow I'm not too fond of the Omega Editions, so off they go and I should have their standard versions coming in soon... :smile_phones:
  15. golov17

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