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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. HungryPanda
    Get you ears back in tip top condition soon Sean
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  2. waynes world
    Hope your ear is better soon! I've also have tinnitus (in my left ear as well). Listening to iems seemed to flare it up, so I quit them and the tinnitus has not flared up again since switching to buds a few years ago. Fwiw!
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  3. MelodyMood
    How is Seahf F32T in comparison to TP16? Darker and bassy? Harsher treble or what?
  4. seanc6441
    Is yours a constant thing? Is it quiet and unnoticeable usually? Do you also have some sensitivity to certain sounds/frequency when it flares up. Also how about popping in your ear? Mine are popping a lot when I yawn, but that may just be because the infection has inflamed the eusthacian tube which equalises ear pressure. It all seems very complex and hard to pin point whats causing what.

    So far mine has been manageable during the day but sleeping was quiet difficult. It's a very high frequency ringing so it does get tedious when it's quiet at night.

    Tinnitus seems to be one of those things we just don't know enough about to effectively cure it. Apperantly it can go away in time or improve, but some do seem to have it for years or even life.

    I'm just hoping mine improves or fades out after I finish the antibiotics (the consensus on Amoxicillin is its generally safe and not usually known to cause ear issues, but there's always rare cases you can read online about it effecting someon).

    I suspect the combo of ear infection and a short but loud music listening has triggered it, that's all I know for now.

    If it persists for a full week, ill book in with an ENT doctor and see if anything is physically wrong with my ears. But usually tinnitus is the effect of slightly damaged/upset follicles and nerve endings in the ear which produce a reaction which your brain perceives as actual noise. So It's a mental and physical issue.

    Although if the Tinnitus was triggered by the antibiotics alone, or even by eusthacian tube dysfunction from the infection, it's possible that it will improve after the infection clears.

    Right now I'm just trying to not think about it too much and go about my life as best I can, thanks for the replies from you guys though!
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  5. seanc6441
    Thank you! :)

    My advice is to prioritise safe normal audio levels over better clarity in loud enviroments. Because its so easy to push them to very loud levels and not realise it because the background noise is drowning it out, but your ears hear it all.

    So just be careful and enjoy responsibly, in the grand scheme of things the most important thing is your health, so make it a priority.
  6. RobinFood
    I've had tinnitus half my life (16 years), ever since a concert. My brain slowly faded it away, but it is always there if I look for it. Stressing about it makes it worst. I don't find it annoying anymore, but if it gets bad, I have the pitch of my tinnitus I can play. It matches perfectly, and whe I stop the file it kind of mutes it.

    It doesn't pop though. It doesn't go on or off. It definately gets worst if my ears are clogged, or if the environment is too quiet.
  7. waynes world
    Mine was also a high frequency, but so much "ringing" as an irritating "tone". Either sound pressure from bass, or irritating highs, could trigger it, and usually with iems.

    My feeling is that your tinnitus will be temporary. But, my suggestion is to stay away from iems like this:


    I'm not really sure why I have those on order, and I don't even think that I can blame HungryPanda for buying them lol! Yikes though - my tinnitus is flaring up just thinking about them!
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  8. chinmie
    i hope you get better soon Sean. a total absence of using iems or earbuds for a couple of days until the ringing subside might help (it does for me).

    interestingly, for me personally, i found that using IEMs is a much safer choice than earbuds.

    with earbuds i only use it at home, because it's easy to unconsciously drive it to unsafe volume when going outside to noisy places. even at home if someone turns on the TV, i switch to IEMs because i know i would increase volume with earbuds to drown the TV.

    i have a constant ringing on my ears (a product of too much band situations without earplugs when i was in high school), although soft and not too prominent, and i can only hear it at night when there's no noise, or i put on IEMs/earplug without any music on.

    and as i found out from many audio meetings, i hear music in a muuuch lower volume than every single person i met.

    i have a sensitive ears that even small jumps in volume hurts my ears. so much so that i bring earplugs everyday. sometimes i put on iems with no music playing when going to the mall with my family, because using pure earplugs looks even weirder :sweat_smile:

    i also always use earplugs when riding motorcycle. wind and street noises are really bad.

    i consider that constant ringing as my friend and reminder. i use it as a volume benchmark: if i turn up the volume to the point that the ringing is drowned, then it's too loud.

    with earbuds, i can't hear the ringing so much, so i gauge the volume with my own speech volume: if i talk louder than i usually do, then the music is too loud.

    also keep in mind, the ears are adaptive to loud volume. one trick that i use to keep in check is after listening to one or two songs, i paused the music (usually at the loudest part of the song) for 20 seconds or so, then i press play again: if i notice the volume jumps too much compared to the ambient noise, then the music is too loud

    sorry for the long post, but i do hope it would help others even if it's just a little.
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  9. seanc6441
    The popping I believe is just my ear infection clogging up my ear. It wasn't releasing pressure when I yawn etc. But now it has a few times today, so that's a good sign I guess.

    You're right, it's like 10 times worse when I stress about it and the quietness does amplify it, but I'm sure I'll find ways to manage it.

    Interesting about the music file thing, my try that down the line if it hasn't stopped in a week. Thanks man.
  10. seanc6441
    I really hate that about ears. You set a volume and 5 minutes later it seems a little quiet and you turn it up. After an hour if you compare volumes it's probably 20% louder than your normal starting point.

    From now on I'll set a volume and stick with it.

    And yes I'll definitely use no earbuds in that ear for a few weeks. I got a BT speaker on low volume or ksc75 on ear for my right ear only if i want to listen to something like tv, youtube or podcast etc, because listening with just one earbud feels weird and I dont really care to listen to music with only one channel...
  11. seanc6441
    yikes they look like a dyson vacuum for your ears... Probably sound like one too lol

    And I hope so, i say ringing as a term so others will understand, mine is definitely just a single tone at a very high pitch, more like whining I guess. And its constant not pulsing or stop start.

    It gets louder when I chew or yawn. It changes tone slightly if I put cotton woll in my ear when using the ear oil I was recommended by the doc to make sure my ear is not clogged with wax.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  12. MelodyMood
    How is Nicehck MX 760 or MX500 Earbuds? Are they bassy and darker? Also, I saw there are plenty of Monk+ earbuds with different names and sellers. Is there any Monk+ version which is having much much better bass than original Venture Elec one and also better in terms of build? Also, any version of Seahf AWK-F150C with Mic? Or similar kind of earbud. It looks nice and solid. Not sure about the sound though.
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  13. purplesun
    I have slightly clogged left eustachian tube for years. Nothing too serious, maybe a few times a month. Gets more often when I can't crack my left jaw (joint cavitation). The only downside is, I am the only one that's startled hearing a "gunshot" go off in my left ear, and I have to explain to everyone around me what just happened. No associated tinnitus though (touch wood).

    Hope yours ear get better.
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  14. palestofwhite
    Might I add, ALWAYS to insert your IEMs WITH eartips. I've accidentally punctured my left ear canal with an ER4 earlier in the days, and was only made known by an audiologist years later when I was creating ear moulds for my CIEM.

    Now I get more ear wax in the left ear, and I sometimes feel pain when there's drastic pressure change, e.g. when diving more than 1m under water. Anyway hope you'll get well soon Sean, and try not to worry too much about it..
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
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  15. MelodyMood
    Any comment or suggestion on my message?

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