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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Carrow
    Short on left side, overly long on right side - the idea is you put the right side over the back of your neck.
  2. GREQ
    Ah those! Thanks :)
    Didn't know they even had a name.
  3. mbwilson111
    The other normal ones are called Y cables.
  4. j4100
    Oh no! I feel some enabling going on. :darthsmile:

    I have considering these for some time. Might wait for a sale though.
  5. HungryPanda
    Well I just got my pair of Kubes in my ears and am smiling, listening to this

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
  6. seanc6441
    Sadly my left t0600 driver has distortion in the bass :/

    It's not even a rattle, it's like the driver is clipping/distorting and I hear that trademark 'popping' when you push the bass to high volume. The right driver has no such issue.

    I asked the seller if he/she could send me a replacement left driver, ill wait and see...

    Meanwhile, this simple mod makes them sound phenomenal. Using black full foams supplied in the box I found the sub bass to be sufficient for a balanced response. But the mid bass could be a tad tighter and the highs could have been pushed 1-2db up for my ideal sound with these.

    So I did this extremely simple mod

    Tiny bit of double sided tape each side, tuning filter cotton on the only vent (you can use other matieral but this worked best for me).

    The driver responds excellently to this mod, the sound is tighter, bass hits cleaner and the mids are both more detailed and slightly bumped in mid-midrange (a typical effect of more closed back cups). The to600 actually have a mild dip from 1500-2000 so this bump is welcomed if you want a slightly more present and vivid vocal range.

    Just apply a regular full or donut foam over it and voila. You're done.

    Edit:using regular donuts brings the vocals back a touch and keeps the extra detail. It's personal preference but I like both full and donuts on these. I'm leaning towards full foam though, it's a more coherant and full midrange.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
    KarmaPhala likes this.
  7. seanc6441
    i got them for $68 which is lower than the previous sale price.

    I'm not saying you should get them, but you definitely shouldn't not get them.
    j4100 and waynes world like this.
  8. Matarro
    If Willsound's VJC cable is similar to the one that comes with Vunbuds then it is a very nice cable. If it's an option I would go with that. In fact, I've been thinking of ordering a pair of mmcx buds from Willsound with a 2.5mm VJC cable. If he can make it custom length I think I will have to get it.

    I have to decide which model to get though. From the descriptions I'm leaning towards MK1 since it's supposedly warmer. I want a bud with impressive (and fast) bass that still have good clarity, especially in the mids. Sparkle up top is always nice too but too bright signature means a lot of black metal becomes painful to listen to. I want a bud that works especially well with extreme metal but also prog and classic rock. Those who have MK1, does it have good clarity throughout?

    Or maybe MK2 anyway... Or MK150...
  9. j4100
    Yeah, the VJC cable is similar. Really soft and supple.
    Matarro likes this.
  10. fairx
    Today I found out I no longer can locate nor buy the t-music v2 or the inntakhifi v2 on aliexpress.

    I regret not buying backup. Although I really like my other buds the v2 is the best all rounder for my taste.

    This week after doing some eq using APO on my laptop I realize v2 can be a monster earbud with mild (max 7db) V shape eq with 500hz as anchor. I can't stop listening for hours and never skip a song. It's so full, tight and complete.

    If anobydy have any idea of v2 availability (on taobao for instance) please let me know. TQ
  11. waynes world
    Any chance you could provide a link to a good example of "extreme metal"?
  12. Matarro
    I've gotten into the habit of using "extreme metal" for most metal genres that are heavy and not mainstream because all the genres and subgenres in metal have turned into such a mess. Sorry for being lazy but I mostly mean aggressive metal. So really anything from trash to grindcore to blackened death metal etc.

    As for examples of what I listen a lot to lately...



    Wintersun (I can't get enough of this song, I always find something new in it):

    Opeth (This has been my favorite album for over ten years! Btw, Steven Wilson does backup vocals on this song):

    Devin Townsend:

    You have a WS MK2 right? How do you like it?
  13. CyberGhost
    Anybody know what the difference is between TY Hi-Z HP150 and TY Hi-Z HP150S MKII ?
  14. waynes world
    Listened to these nifty tunes:

    Both are great, but the Yincrow RW-9's bass takes the cake for me: more presence, more detailed, better textured. Also, the drums have more impact. I now cannot get Geddy Lee's bass lines out of my head thanks to you!

    For just pure sub-bass I listened to James Blake's Limit to your love, and I think the RW-9's subbass is better as well.

    Having said that, the Snow Lotus 1.0+ Commemorative are excellent. But the RW-9's are actually pretty darned special.
  15. mbwilson111
    I have to wait a long time to find out.

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