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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Ira Delphic
    The SL 1+ Commemorative Edition really shine, as others have said, like wearing full sized cans.
    There are bird-like shimmery sounds slightly hidden in the original mix of the song. This song is a brutal test for earbuds!

    From Talking Heads - Fear of Music (2005 Remastered)
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  2. seanc6441
    Mk2 mmcx
  3. waynes world
    Thanks for posting that song. Great album for some great earbuds!
  4. Marcos Fontana
    Hello guys,

    I'm back of my vacation. I don't know that you remember that I had a problem with my Ty HI-Z-650 ($100) earphone. I sent it to Penon. I'm waiting until now without any response from Penon. I told you that I will never spend money in expensive earbuds anymore. I bought the ZoomFred one day before the failure of the Ty HI-Z-650. Today I received the ZoomFred. Amazing earbud. Really amazing! After 2 hours of use, I heard a noise coming from the left channel...

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibq0d2os957tzmg/Voice_004.m4a?dl=0 (the noise in the right channel came from the left channel)

    No response from Herry until now... I heard the same noise in the 650 and after few days the driver died.

    Money lost until now:

    Ty HI-Z 650 ($100)
    Money to return Ty HI-Z 650 to Penon ($35)
    ZoomFred ($373)
    ZoomFred import duty ($140)

    Total loss: $648


    Again, I will never spend more that $50 in a earbud...
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  5. sareer007
    Which bud is an upgrade from SL 1.0+ ?
  6. seanc6441
    Did you send that video to herry? How long did you give him to respond?

    Also, did penon inform you they shipped the package back? And give you tracking?

    Honestly dude, i wouldnt give up just yet, reach out to penon and herry on facebook messanger, emails can be missed easily. Make sure they understand the situation and if they refuse to do anything about it keep us updated here and on facebook earbuds anonymous group (were penon post quiet regularly amoung other earbud makers.)

    I really hope that there's just a delay on your 650 and that herry just hasn't seen or had the time to respond to your email yet.

    But if the situation is that they just dont want to refund you, make sure everyone knows about it because quiet frankly it's unacceptable business manners.

    I cannot say I've lost as much as you but ill give you an honest run down of issues ive had with earbuds that were not my fault:

    Rose Mojito: left driver shell literally broke in two one day. Cheap QC on the plastic. Had to glue it back and got lucky it worked perfectly still. The 2 pin connector start to crumble after time and if you disconnect the cable too much.

    Rose Masya: Same as mojito with the connectors, piece of plastic begin to fall off, the connector can become loose.

    Penon bs1 official: driver rattle, had to send it to them for repair.

    Ks black ling: driver rattle, had to send it back for repair.

    About 30-35% of my budget earbuds developed some kind of issue whether it was a rattle that was self fixable or others that eventually died.

    The quality control is quite bad many earbuds irrespective of price range. It's far behind headphones and IEMs in that regard because most companies seem to be using cheap parts, or cutting costs in the manufacturing process.

    I've pretty much stopped buying TOTL buds for this reason primarily. I can accept the situation in the budget range, and sometimes for buds around 50-100$.

    But im honestly worried about purchsses over $100 anymore. That's the honest truth that not many people seem to mention. Surely we cannot be the only ones experiencing this issue?
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  7. CyberGhost
    Thank you! Yea, there does not seem to much info on these. I'll probably go with MKIIs based on your reply though.
  8. CyberGhost
    Received Fengru EMX500, I am not very impressed to be frank. They are about on the level of Monk+, worse than the original Monk, which is noticeably clearer sounding.
  9. wskl
    Don't give up on Penon just yet, they are closed from Jan 30 to Feb 10 for the Chinese Lunar New Year.
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  10. stimuz
    Over what period of time did these problems develop? I probably won't buy any new IEMs/headphones/earbuds until some sort of advancement happens. I generally just stay in a hobby until I'm satisfied with the result then move to the next. I've learned my lesson from keyboards what happens when you stay in a hobby beyond what your actual endgame is.
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  11. seanc6441
    Some out of box, some a month later.

    The mojito was second hand so there's that to consider, but if you browse the rose tech thread im not the only one to experience the earbud literally breaking as the plastic weakens over time...

    I know you cannot be sure that I don't mistreat my earbuds somehow, but I think there's enough cases of defective earbuds to know whats up.

    Bottom line seems to be, there's really no assurances that your earbud will last over a year... Only the vintage premium stuff and a select few new products are built to good standards.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  12. Themilkman46290
    I haven't bought any buds over $100 since the samsara's for exactly that reason, I mean the cable and pugs are nice but the buds feel too cheap and unstuck once already ( all good but a bit scary) since then I decided nothing over a $100, although I have seen people buy beats and Yamaha headphones for a few hundred and break them within a couple months
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  13. seanc6441
    People being careless is one thing, but if you care for the product (as most sensible people would if its expensive.) It's really not acceptable to price them so high and not offer any solid warranty.

    I refuse to recommend high end earbuds to people now (who are new to earbuds) on that basis, i will always tell them the risks if they want to proceed.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  14. seanc6441
    Also im pretty sure earbud sellers are well aware of the QC issues and that's why they shy away from warranties and assurances.

    It's all a little bit iffy if you ask me. Definitely one of the biggest downsides of the earbuds hobby.

    Seller wont change unless we as buyers become more dilligent. Start asking them whats the warranty before purchasing, dont just throw money at them and hope for the best.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  15. Themilkman46290
    Yeah, the only other buds I had that happen with is my nicehck eb200, I am a very careful person, since i quit drinking, haven't cracked a screen, dropped a glass or had a pair of earphones or headphones break in 5 years, kind of odd because I wasn't really drunk when stuff like that happened, but it seems linked together somehow

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