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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. doggiemom
    I was legit confused as I’ve been out of the iem market for a while, but for buds i would reply semi-competently.
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  2. ShabtabQ
    I have ordered a RY4S which is on it's way.
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  3. redkingjoe

    The Shozy BK is really something! Nice sound!
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  4. fairx
    My 11.11 tin audio t2 arrived today. It will replace my ailing e80 / xe800 . Very good sound for the price I got 27usd.

    But nowhere near the value / SQ of many earbuds I own. Guess I'm a full fledge earbud guy now. Only RHA seems to sways me recently lol.

    Well iem is for isolation anyway. For commute and occasional flight time.
  5. ShabtabQ
    That player wowww
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  6. golov17
    390 usd
  7. snip3r77
    Just received the ry4s with UE . Pretty happy with this.

    Hmm now I’m thinking of the vanilla ry4s if the sub bass is vido level lol.
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  8. Snowball0906
    May I know which earbud do you guys recommend that have sweet vocal and warm sounding? Sweet vocal as in when I listen to it, there’s a sweet taste generated in my mouth.. (not sure if you guys have been through it) I’m using Fiio Q1 mk2
  9. fairx
    What song do you recommend? I will try to make few assessment
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  10. seanc6441
    Any earbud plus a sugar cube should work!

    Kidding, maybe consider the new rose Masya pro? The original masya had very sweet forward vocals and a warmish bass with thick foams.

    I think the higher the output impendance of the source the warmer it sounds. So you need a good source pairing for it to take on the tonality you desire. Low OI will make it leaner and colder.
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  11. Snowball0906
    Any songs by Aimer and One Ok Rock :D Thank you in advance!
  12. Snowball0906
    Tried with sugar cube! haha. Okok. I'll look into it hehe. I have the AR-M2 to drive the buds as well. Do u think it will be sufficient?
  13. jogawag
    I recommend Boarseman MX98S which is sweet, but still balanced. It sounds a bit like Blox TM9.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  14. seanc6441
    Just looked it up and it has 10 ohm OI which is very high for a dap. That will definitely make the masya take on a warmer tonality. My iphone 6s was 4.7ohm out and my lg v30 is around 1 ohm out. Even that 3.7 ohm difference made a noticeable change. Bass is fuller on the 6s, which in turn balances the whole spectrum much more. On the v30 is was very lean, overly so.

    So i think your source will bring out a lot of warmth in the low end of the masya which is what you want, paired with the forward 'eurphoric' vocal presentation (how i would describe it anyway haha) i think it will be a good choice!
  15. mbwilson111
    I have the Boarseman MX98, not the S. Would you call it sweet as well? I has been ages since I listened to it. When I got it I was struggling with all the buds with that shell size (Monk+ etc). I have no problem with that shell now and should revisit my older buds. Maybe my ears have stretched? Or, maybe I have just finally learned how to position them...

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