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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Zerohour88
    Taka's vocals is just so amazing. Trying it out with both EBX and TO180, the latter is definitely warmer and more impactful at the low end but the EBX just has more clarity up top.

    Sadly I don't think "sweet" is the word I'd use to describe them. I kinda get that part since I can call vocals on the CA Andromeda as sweet, but that's an IEM.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  2. jogawag
    Sorry, I don't have the Boarseman MX98, so I can't call it sweet as well...
  3. fairx
    I dont have any One OK Rock but I have few Aimer track like ref:rain and such.

    None of my earbud sounds remarkably sweet with those track. Good yes, but not really outstanding. The best sounding probably Auglamour Rx1 and Sharp MD. Other earbud owner perhaps can chip in.

    On other hand, Rx1 and Docomo sound very very seeet on track like Whiskey Lullaby by Alison Krauss or Wafairing Stranger by New Appalachians. IMO
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  4. fairx
    Boarseman name is back. I always curious. Hmm mmm
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  5. Snowball0906
    Thank you! Probably will give RX1 a try hehe.

    Indeed.. Really love Taka's voice. It really moved my heart. I will give EBX a try. :D
  6. mbwilson111
    The RX1 is a beautifully designed earbud and comes with great accessories. Lovely for vocals... and everything else. BTW, if you do get it, the wooden block that it is packaged with is a phone stand when you turn it over:) Someone in here once threw it away not realizing that:)
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  7. waynes world
    Fair enough! One thing I personally like about the Svara's treble is that seems nicely detailed, extended and well controlled (ie not harsh etc), which when combined with that bass, sounds wonderful to me. But you've burned your pair in well enough, and you're using thick foams (which should reduce the highs quite a bit), so I suppose they are just not for you.

    Let us know what you come up with!
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  8. Snowball0906
    Thanks for the headups! :D
  9. Aiwonsi
    Thanks Waynes, now I stuck on Dx3s and Thailand local brand " HAANJIK" ( monitor earbud ). I think I'll burning svara for 200 hrs.
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  10. rkw
    Not familiar with Ucotech. Have they produced some notable earbuds in the past?
  11. cathee
    If anyone is interested in the Original Yuin PK1s for $65, feel free to PM me. I'm gonna put mine in the FS section later this evening.
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  12. j4100
    20181128_212336.jpg 20181128_211924.jpg

    Here's those red sandalwood mmcx buds I ordered. Sounding pretty good straight from the box.
  13. j4100
    ...and my RY4S UE buds.


    Edit: These buds are not short of bass! Rocking some Masters of Reality (with Ginger Baker on drums) and they're powering the tunes along.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  14. Sgt. Ear Ache
    I may be mistaken, but I'm fairly certain red ones are not the UE cable. The Blue are though...
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  15. Qualcheduno
    My Svara-L's arrived today. First impressions (with stock foams) without break-in: sounds like a baby HD58x, similar SS, but with slightly less extension and less slam in the bass, which is not a fair comparison since the latter is an over-ear headphone.

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