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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. j4100
    Yeah, the red ones were on the description as silver HI. Whatever that means. However, they do have a silver UE one which is also on it's way.
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  2. HungryPanda
    Received my DIY PK2 SR2 16 ohm today, really nice
  3. Willber
    Correct, the UE cable is brown in colour.
  4. Willber
    I am short of time, but here is a little teaser of recent purchases pending a fuller post:

    Snow Lotus 1.0 - I made a mistake, they are great!
    NiceHCK EB2 - very impressive, but...
    EMX500 PK2 - similar to RY4S UE (same cable) but more comfortable shell.
    Senfer PT25 - not yet delivered.
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  5. snip3r77
    How do you find the vanilla vs UE Cable?
  6. mbwilson111
    Nice. I see that you also received the nicer cable than what was pictured on the sale page.

    Good to hear. Mine has arrived in the country.
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  7. snip3r77
    Currently running in my RY4S UE, it's damn good out of the box. I think it's my best purchase of 2018. $6 is crazily value for money.
  8. Grayson73
    I received the RY4S (UE cable version) and the FAAEAL Snow Lotus 1.0 plus. At first listen the RY4S was thin sounding and lacked bass because it didn't come with any foam covers. I put the Snow Lotus covers on them and it helped so much. Any idea why they didn't include any covers for the RY4S? I feel bad for people who don't have any foam covers.
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  9. BadReligionPunk
    Possible oversight? My RY4S UE came with a small baggy with foams with it. Ended up using VE full foams. Sounds great!
  10. Grayson73
    I haven't tried a lot of the new ones, but my favorite under $100 was the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore with the MEE double flange tips. The downside is the build quality, but mine are still going strong. They aren't earbuds though, so wrong thread :)
  11. golov17
    ES903,1003,1103, EM905 and some old models..
  12. Grayson73
    Oh, I think my daughter must have put all the foam baggies together, lol.

    So I have:

    A. One bag of 2 black full foams and 2 black donut foams
    B. One bag of 4 red full foams
    C. One bag with 4 black full foams and 2 red full foams.

    Did the A and B come with the Snow Lotus 1.0 plus and C with the R4YS?

    Also, does it matter which foams I put on which? They seem similar
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
  13. seanc6441
    You should try them with a 1mm vent on the bass port... Notable bump in sub and mid bass adds some fullness to the low mids too. Sounds a little more open too. This as a result tames the strident highs, so I use them with thin foams, but get the bass levels similar to full foams. It's very nice!

    It's one of those buds that actually responds well to a more open airflow.

    So if you're keen on modding... You have one to tweak and one as your default to test against the modded pair :)
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
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  14. snip3r77
    Mine came with it
  15. Grayson73
    Some quick observations between RY4S (UE) and Snow Lotus 1.0 Plus. I tested on pop music out of my LG V20 phone.

    Snow Lotus 1.0 Plus is more efficient than RY4S UE. SL 1.0+ I play at 45 volume and RY4S I play at 60 volume.
    SL 1.0+ has a warmer tone and more bass.
    The RY4S is more detailed. The SL 1.0+ sounds like it has a veil in comparison.

    The RY4S UE is the better earbud. I just wish it had more bass.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2018
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