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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. golov17
    I still mourn about dead Zen1.0 :frowning2:
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  2. endia
    that is what exactly i believe too..
    any type of plug decreasing signal quality.. when you use a replacable cable you have three unnecessary connections;
    soldering cable to the male plug, then male and female plugs contacting somehow and then soldering that female plug to another cable inside the shell (sometimes it's impossible to use your desired cable inside the shell) and another solder to the driver.. instead of one connection you have four connections now.. quality of solder can't compensate signal loss but only can reduce..
    direct soldering is much easy and best way to transmit a signal for me..
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  3. waynes world
    I feel for you! Mine are alive and well, but in a safety deposit box so that I am not tempted to use them and break them :wink:
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  4. seanc6441
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  5. seanc6441
    Well if you are a dedicated believer in cables and strive for a pure signal then all this must matter too.

    I see so many posts about pure silver cables and how it's so superior and then you realise they left the $1 copper wire in the interconnect.... That would bother me lol

    That's why I find it comical that some will spend $500+ on a cable saying they want the purest and best signal and not even consider rewiring the internals or removing detachable connectors.

    This either shows that they buy into hype and don't really consider the full connection, or have too much money to burn lol!

    That's the part of hype around cables I don't like... If you gonna commit to cables being everything the you can't half ass it!
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  6. snip3r77
    The zen is the same cost as monk. Wild Lee says so at the reddit AMA
  7. toear
    Just wanted to say it is absolutely amazing that the AE 'ofo' (one hundred for one dollar) earphone pads make everything from my $100+ earbuds to my $6 buds sound better! I always want the nicer, more durable ones that come with many earbuds to sound better... But they don't.... :thinking:
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  8. endia
    no, I'm not, in fact contrary.
    but a believer of honesty and simplicity on cables.. a pure copper cable is not that much expensive.. but those flashy plugs, connectors etc. adds nothing to the signal.. just rich boys jewellery imho..
    there is a saying about cables;
    best cable is no cable :wink:
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  9. seanc6441
    Same cost to produce doesn't necessarily mean same cost to research and develop.

    It can use very similar matierial cost wise but doesn't make it the same driver. Unless he specifically said its the same driver of course.
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  10. chinmie
    maybe, but I'd rather own one Zen than 30 monk plus. the way i see it my ears have limited and downward sloping lifetime, so with limited time per-day to listen to music, I'd try to give them the best possible time :ksc75smile:

    I'm not saying more expensive buds are always better, it's just i don't enjoy the monks too much. same as the mojito for instance. those are expensive, but i would rather not spend my "ear time" listening to it.
  11. chinmie
    detachable cables are for cable tinkerers and those who favor versatility. (i belong on the latter)
    sometimes when people wants to experience /experiment on cables, it's still best to have detachables, so they can hear the difference quickly. once they know what cables are suited for them, then they can have their option to solder them permanently.

    i like some buds/iems to have detachable cables for purposes of using them as bluetooths.

    for both scenarios, any sound degradation from the connectors is minimal compared to the benefit of convenience
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  12. seanc6441
    True and I have no issue with that, or using detachable earbud with upgraded cable, but if purchase high end expensive cable then it probably makes sense to go the extra 10% and use direct wired or change the interconnect cable to the same type.

    It's good for cable rolling and for people who want logetivity with replaceable cables though.

    There's a place for all kinds I guess.
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  13. kurtextrem
    By any chance, does someone have a Black Ling and a Zen Omega and can compare please their sounds?
  14. Moonstar
    The Simphonio Dragon2+ is one of my favorite earbuds since the last two months. It has a transparent midrange and can produce pretty high level of micro detail. The bass tuning is not appropriate for certain genres, but I think that it is good enough for genres such as jazz or acoustic music. The soundstage performance is also quite successful. The only remarkable downside for many users could be the price.

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  15. golov17
    Yes, really lucky for those who have Massdrop delivery for two hundred bucks
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