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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    That's exactly what I'm doing first :)

    I'll do the bs1 next, then start on my project. Their was a few things with the masya that was good experience for my project. I think having a few recables/replugs done beforehand will help me when it comes to making my own buds.
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  2. palestofwhite
    I think being able to fix the cable weight issue (metal chin slider?) of the BS1 will be great... Can't wait to see what you can achieve!
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  3. seanc6441
    I'm removing the slider, replaceing the splitter with heat shrink and as a final effort if the weight is still too much I'll take a few cm off the cable, but i really dont wanna have to do that because redoing an 8 core cable takes more time.

    It will look a little more barebones, but at least it will be practical for use then.
  4. palestofwhite
    I have a strong feeling removing the metal splitter should be enough. I have a similarly styled 2 pin cable and could not use it because the downward force tugs on my IEMs a tad too much.

    Having a shrink wrap for slider or split should be the best solution as it's the lightest, and the best way to maintain having the original cable as much as possible to retain the signature of the BS1.
  5. Forty6
    For this question i have the same question and queries too , but if you ask me well i do not have a proper answer to it even there's a likely sonic difference made to the overall sound , i do not think that is something i could had pick up as my ears are not tuned specifically to pick up those micro sonically difference :dt880smile: as compare to pick up the overall listening experiences .
    I'm only for the end result .

    But i do believe a direct soldered to the driver is the best of all , but then even if it's a direct soldered on , the type of solder metal used may also have a effect on the sonic .

    On a side note , the next iem VE were to introduce to the world is going to be based on a None-detachable design shell . a non detachable iem said to be a lot better than the current detachable Monk IE .
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
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  6. palestofwhite
    That's also one I've been waiting for... since I haven't bought the current IE and wanted something with fixed cable...
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  7. seanc6441
    Apparently Lee thinks the new one will be much better than biggie/small. He wasn't satisfied with their performance apparently.

    Anyone with the biggie or small gets a good discount on the new one, I think around 60% off approximately.
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  8. teston
    Wow. Thanks for so much information and your experiences you provided in your reply.
    I too often listening to music loud so I prefer buds with kind of smooth signature, as their mid don't become shouty to my ears.
    I agree that the Zen really shine when proper amped, but as my most listening time is at work so I often use it with a dap like AR M2 and Hiby R6.
    For me, the oyaide 102ssc is stiff enough that make me think twice to go with the Cardas cable or Zen Black.
    I chose the Satin Griffin cable as it is pure occ copper litz cable (with cryogenic treatment) and it did not disappoint me. Smooth sound with more details on the mid and treb (without any harsh or piercings). The presentation is full and more proper placement.
    I always hear that VE Amps is best choice for Zen so maybe it's time for me to get one.
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  9. Forty6
    Np bro, after listening to various of Zen in different types or form , I really came to how to better appreciate these earbud than the others earbud , iem I had a chance to play with , the sound of the Zen earbud is really the best sounding I could had ask for ,
    I like the sound in each of every I had experienced with .

    As for the VE amp , the reason is I already had their balanced and single end at hand now both the RA2B and the RA2.0 , if not owning the both or if I were to make my first purchase of the VE amp , the $200+ RA2.0 bal lite is the one I would had grab it happily without consider too much , that's for sure , but since I had both the balanced and single end with me there's no reason for me to grab this portable little as much as I would like to , but having said that , maybe after I had done with the rest of the item in my Must Buy list , with extra cash in hand I might grab this portable little who knows ,
    This portable little is really hard to be beaten consider its listed price and the all power output spec in balanced and single end .
    Definitely bang for buck .
    If you're considering in a VE portable all time powerful Amp for the Zen , even though myself had not experienced the power of this $200+ portable little , this will not restraint me of giving you the recommendation .
    As a legit ve amp user and own 2 of the VE portable amp currently, I guess I am qualified to give you one .
    that 200+ bal lite are the one I would strongly recommend you to purchase and go pair up with the amazing Zen.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2018
  10. HungryPanda
  11. Forty6
  12. HungryPanda
    no problems here just trying to be helpful
  13. Forty6
    Oh no np too here for me , me also trying to be helpful to others member in the most convenient way .
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  14. teston
    Thanks for your recommendation. Tbh, I prefer hear your take on RA2.0B and RA2.0 and how they paired with the Ve Zen.

    Sorry, we got too excited back then so that we derailed the thread.
    As it related to the Ve Zen earbuds I hope it didn't disturb you guys.
  15. HungryPanda
    I like my VE earbuds as much as the rest of us

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