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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. damex
    is there earbuds with 2pin detachable cable support?
    i know only about Venture Electronics with their MOE/AOE/ZOE and Rose Masya/Mojito.
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    Nope, Just a mere 2.6x.
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  3. ctaxxxx
    After listening to the ZoomFred's some more, I really do not see these as a QFred 2.0. These are much bassier than the QFred and even the CampFred 2 (wish I still had it to compare directly). It sounds U-shaped, rather than mid focused. The bass is really impressive though. It has Fostex level's of authority and punch. The CampFred 2 wasn't cutting it for me for bass-centric music and sounded too closed in with thick foams, which was why I was looking for an IEM or portable closed back. The ZoomFred's still sound spacious with thick foams, and enormous with thin VE foams. Currently using Hiegi donut foams with these. May go back to thin.

    The treble has smoothed over after some burn in, but it still has a nice sharp edge to it. The cymbals shimmer with a nice realism. I still prefer the Diomnes Lvl 2 for vocals so far (smoother upper mids and more present lower mids, warm overall vocals), but the ZoomFred midrange is more suitable for metal as it has more energy in comparison.The bass is really visceral for metal btw (listening to Converge atm). The overall tonality is better balanced compared to the other headphones I mentioned in previous posts. (The beryllium IEM isn't worth mentioning, it was really boomy and muddy...)
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
  4. chaiyuta
    @ctaxxxx : Just a quick question, Is yours 4.4 mm. BL plug?
  5. mbwilson111
    Which IEM?
  6. ctaxxxx
    No, just 2.5mm. I still like DX200's AMP1 for it's neutrality, plus all the adapters I have are for 2.5mm. Not sure when I'll finally switch to 4.4mm only.

    It's literally called Beryllium, by Periodic Audio. I didn't bother with burn in with these since there was really noticeable hiss/noise with AMP5. I've just decided I'm not for warm upper bass with super thick mids. Both Beryllium phones I've tried had this same syrupy sound signature, which is interesting because I've heard the Utopia is the opposite.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
  7. mbwilson111
    I just wondered because I have the Urban HiFi Beryllium on the way. Traded my hybrid version to my husband but wanted this one to compare.
  8. ctaxxxx
    I wouldn't worry too much. My subjective tastes may differ from yours. It also should be obvious by now that I am fairly picky in my audio gear after dipping in $1000+ range, so my standards are pretty high.
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  9. mbwilson111
    Not worried just curious.
  10. redkingjoe
    I’ve got the 4 strands BK blue from Shozy in mid-January.

    In Hong Kong a top executives from shozy came to the MTR station to deliver the Bk blue to me. I told him to increase the strands.

    He said that the cost of the pure silver cable is extremely expensive but I told him the original strand of 4 should be insufficient for optimum bass performance. I urged him to test it with more strands. But he said the earbuds might be so expensive that no one would buy...
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  11. cathee
    As if the BS1 needs any more press, I realized I've never seen photos of them sans foams, so thought I'd share.




    Been very much enjoying them, though they're not without faults.
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  12. seanc6441
    I’m in stage 2 lol. The more expensive buds to suit my preferences. Once I inevitably buy the liebesleid and or zoomfred I may progress to stage 3 and buy all the newest budgets again lol.

    I see some people here just buy a huge amount of budget buds but then I see thier profile and they have some nice full size headphones or iems so I understand why they stick to budget earbuds for the fun of the hobby and use quality headphones or iems or even other earbuds for immersive listening.
    What are the faults you have found? I also found a few but was able to fix most with some tweaks and EQ.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2018
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  13. Saoshyant
    I'm currently in the stage 4, the lull between collecting. I'm happy with what I have, especially my last acquisition the Raven Mk 2, and haven't seen any new budgets that I feel the need to get. My collection's probably somewhere at 80-90 earbuds, so really I should be slimming down at some point. I've been more feeling an itch for finding a good budget Chi-Fi ear clip headphone, as well as figure out a good closed, which may end up being solved with Audeze Mobius.
  14. T light

    Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the BK blue version as well as your comparison to the BK

    I really like my BK balanced earbuds. That style/size bud seems to fit my ears best. Have the VE zen 2 balanced (standard not black) and PK1. Would like to try the zoomfred but not sure of the fit. The zen 2 fit is alright if not on the move.
  15. noknok23
    After 200hr burn in I start to really enjoy the hifiboy dream. It's a very transparent and accurate sound. Fast. Quite balanced although the bass is on the back seat and treble is star of the show. Mids are natural and I fail to find them any flaws. I pick up subtle details I never heard before. It's completely unfatiguing and I could use it for more than 4 hours without any sign of tired ears, perhaps the least fatiguing earbuds I own. Because of it's transparency, it is quite affected by the source I paired it with. I listened to heavy metal tracks on my gf iPhone through Spotify just for the sake of it and I was surprised of engaging it was. It did sounded a bit brighter, soundstage less forward and overall clean, slightly digitalish compared to my main dap but still pretty fine overall. With my main source, the flow fees very natural, effortless but full of details.
    I noticed some sibilance if the files is poorly recorded or if it is lofi MP3. It can be a bit unforgiving in that regards but it's nothing compared to butchers such as the Duke iem. I recommend if you are interested in something that sound as close to your source as possible. For a focused but relaxed listening.
    It's easy to drive, doesn't need an amp. Just a clean source.

    Btw Ks 300 samsara is at 95usd or less for next Ali sale. Good price if you ask me.
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