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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. doggiemom
    The Utopia is definitely not syrupy! Quite the opposite, very quick and detailed. If you like the highs of the ZoomFred you would probably like the Utopia. The Utopia may not have enough bass for you though...... On the other hand, on tracks like Lorde's "Royals" the bass really comes through, and it is punch and clear rather than thumpy.

    To Sean's point, I think there is a time and place for all. I listen to earbuds at work because although I am often in a noisy environment with pumps and equipment running, I have to be able to hear people in case they have a question or need something. It is also a safety issue if one cannot hear what is going on. I have a sort of a system for what buds are used when: If I'm doing something that allows sitting at a computer or whatever, I'll use a 'nicer' bud but one that can still be replaced (like a K's Samsara). If I'm doing something with chemicals or changing pump oil or anything where there is a reasonable probability of the buds getting damaged, then it is Vidos or Monk+ (though not a limited edition color!). :L3000: The more expensive and small batch buds are limited to home use. :wink: On the weekends, I really enjoy listening to the Utopias with their accompanying DAC and amp on a stand by my reclining sofa......... unfortunately it is only for a few hours a week, but to me it is really, really relaxing, and allows me to forget about work, etc. during that time.

    I can't stop buying the budget stuff though because I love exploring the different sound signatures, and also really love getting stuff in the mail.......... if every time I got a package it was a TOTL headphone, I'd be divorced and have to sell everything to buy dog food. :dt880smile:
  2. mochill
    I have the berryllium in my ears and don't find the syrupy
  3. cathee
    Oh I think the BS1 sounds as advertised! The hype around these have been sky high (I think comparable to the Hiby R6 amongst the DAPheads) and in sound department they deliver (when you get the fit right).

    My gripe with them are mostly in form and functionality.

    Beautiful but bulky wires, which amplifies the fit problem, catches easily on jackets/zippers/collars etc. earbuds popping out all the time. Along with being very source picky, they're not as portable as I had hoped. They basically sounds like two different earbuds through the Apple dongle and my Mojo. Even running the Dragonflys on my iPhone X, they were good but not great. Dragonfly with Tidal MQA on my laptop is superb though.

    Good chance they'll pop up in the FS section this week/next.

    EDIT: I know I am particularly picky with fit though, especially my left ear, it's just shaped weird. So take that for what it's worth. But the cables are overkill though, like the Grados equivalent. :joy:
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
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  4. chaiyuta
    @cathee : After I resaled Penon BS1 to another person. Within 2 weeks later, he also decided to resale it. Now my former BS1 become the third hand products and I don't know what now it becomes. It can reach my acceptable sounstage width just only when I played it on DX200+AMP4. To be fair, naturally one product could not make everyone satisfied. Some might like and some don't. Though I don't have fitting issue with BS1 without sponges. Hope you find a new 'just right for you' buds soon. Cheers.
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  5. tayo15
    Just got the bs1 experience ver. and the B01 aoede, and the B01 was nice. It was a definite nice side grade from my previous headroom ms16. That being said the bs1 experience ver. Blew me away. I am almost a convert. The monks didn't do it for me. These do have nice separation, decent bass, and the mids and highs can be a bit abrasive in your face. That being said, I don't mind that. Are the bs1 official better than these?? Are there any upgrades from these??
  6. Matarro
    I suspect that my PT15 are the old version since they sound thin to me. They're not exactly bad but they don't sound like people have described the new version. Mine have a single rectangular back vent and the new version should have four holes, right? Does anyone know if NiceHCK have the new model?

    Currently using the PT15 with my Mee BTX1 bluetooth cable and like I said, it's not bad but I would like a fuller, warmer sound. The PT15 fit me comfortably and they're inexpensive so if the new ones are better I might as well try them before I go for something else.
  7. chinmie
    The new one only have one vent hole..the old one have four
  8. Matarro
    Thank you! Well, that saves me the trouble of ordering a new pair at least. Are you sure though? Sean wrote something contradictory here:

    I'm confused, further clarification needed! :thinking:
  9. chinmie
    yes I'm sure. i have two four-holed ones that i purchased last year,and waiting for the new one-holed version inbound.

    maybe @DBaldock9 could chime in? he have both version
  10. chinmie
    Talk about nostalgic repurchase, last Saturday i had a mini meet with fellow friends from my local forum, and listened to the Blox B200...it surprised me, because i used to have the recabled B200, but the sound was nowhere this good.

    I know i have to get it.

    Well.. So much for downsizing then :joy:
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  11. Matarro
    If you have the old and ordered the new I don't have much reason to distrust you. Please let us know how you think they compare to each other when you get them. :)

    Like I said, these don't exactly sound bad so it might just be due to my taste in music. I want something that sound impressive on busy stuff like djent and techdeath. These are really nice for classic rock and prog so they have their place. I just listened to Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms with them and it was... nice!

    I've been using Vido and Qian39 for heavy stuff but when I want wireless PT15 is my only option atm.
  12. chinmie
    Try the Willsound MK2. I listen to Tool and Korn (is that considered djent?I'm not too familiar with the term) with it, and it's impressive
  13. Matarro
    Djent is a really stupid word to be honest. :jecklinsmile:I think it's supposed to describe a certain kind of disted guitar. Anyway it's basically Meshuggah and similar bands.

    Funny that you mention Tool since that's a band I really enjoy with the PT15. I think they highlight Keenan's voice in a good way. Speaking of which, I listened to Rosetta Stoned a few days ago and noticed how well I could hear the conversation in the intro with PT15 compared to Vido. Noted though, I'll add Willsound to my list.
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  14. Matarro
    Doh, I meant the track before. Lost Keys.
  15. zeta555
    still looking for the holy grail, anyone tried the zen whites? is it that good?

    need new buds while selling my old collections :L3000:

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