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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. spidey84
    Samsara is at 300 ohm might be hard for me to power when moving around, currently just using Fiio E17 awaiting for Zuperdac-S to ship. Unless I use my desktop dac/amp, but usually I prefer using headphones when on my desktop.
  2. j4100
    The subject of sale prices has come up before. Some sellers will increase the regular price to make the sale price look good. Buyer beware :wink:
  3. ctaxxxx
    I would love to try the Utopia, but it's a bit out of my price range. Focal Clear is possible though! Just waiting for a used sale listing or retail price drop.

    I use my earbuds exclusively for work. I've moved floors and now need isolation to block out the new noisy neighbors (not all the time though), or really need to concentrate. I prefer not to jack up the volume too much to drown them out, or I end up fatigued.

    But after the recent purchases, I'm now considering Chi-Fi IEMs. TOTL buds already give me that resolution and clarity I seek, and now that heavy bass too with the new ZoomFred. I'll just look for something that isolates and performs well enough with a sound signature I like. I really don't need to drop so much for something I'll now mainly use to block out noise at work... (This is me convincing myself)

    Curious about the iBasso IT01 and it's graphene driver. Reviews suggest they're sub-bass focused with a leaner mid-bass, so that's already an improvement for my tastes over the Beryllium phones that were the other way around.

    Probably the ear tips. They can have a noticeable influence on the sound.

    Unfortunately, my right ear canal is so stubborn, that I have to use really small Spinfit tips to get anything to fit. I cannot fit anything larger, unless its a shallow fit like the 1MORE Quad. Those sat outside the ear canal. Would love to find something similar that also terminates to 2.5mm. I should post a thread and ask...
  4. waynes world
    How is it possible that we both have the SAME funny shaped left ear lol! You describe the exact same issue I have with earbuds that have thick or stiff cables. For example, the Snow Lotus 2.0 has a beautiful thick cable which I clip to my shirt, but the buds end up popping out of my ears quite frequently which unfortunately detracts from my personal enjoyment of them.
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  5. HungryPanda
    Well a few budgets arrived today, The VE premium pack (Biggies, smalls and Monk Espresso) and Fengru DIY EMX500s. Time for burn in fun.
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  6. HungryPanda
    These are the only earbud I actually need to use a shirt clip, that splitter weighs a ton
  7. waynes world
    The shirt clip in the quote below came with some JVC iems years ago. It was great, because it would adapt to cables of any thickness:

    Does anyone here know where to buy those in bulk? (I know that you can get one if you buy a jvc iem)
  8. waynes world
    I may be more sensitive to downward pressure/tugging. And it doesn't help that when I am moving around, I often wear the earbud cable up under my shirt to keep it out of the way, and that seems to create more downward pulling.
  9. mochill
    The spinfits does enhance bass response and smooths out and peaky treble , for the berryllium i am using stcok tips , they are tuned to be natural, neutral with powerful bass and Dynamics,.
  10. chinmie
    Another iem to consider is the TFZ King Pro also with graphene drivers. Based on reviews they are better than the IT01. I think they would have a huge discount, putting their price similar to the IT01. Also they have shallow fit, another point you might like.
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  11. cathee
    Thanks for the suggestion, definitely gonna give that a try but usually over-ear is no go for me. Another reason I don't play well with most IEMs.
  12. Matarro
    Looks very similar to the one that came with Pinnacle P2, but I think it's a bit expensive.

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  13. j4100
    Saw a bunch of cheapo's on Ali, but not as good looking as that one.

    Haven't bought anything since my VE splurge. Thought I was over buying earbuds, but starting to get the bug again. OCD strikes again!
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  14. gazzington
    I'm waiting for my ve premium pack to arrive any day now. I also ordered the run about amp which came with free Zen lites. Can't wait
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  15. XP_98
    Could anyone compare them ?

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