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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. jarrett
    Now that I've received my GR07's I can certainly say they more than 0.2 points better than the SW-Xcape v1. Haha of course I'm interpreting this wrong, those 0.2 are a lot extra
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    The rating is only 1 to 5 / 5, so everything is highly compressed... unless you want to see x.xxxx kind of score. I doubt it is of any usefulness like that anyway. [​IMG]
  3. singha
    Any chance you will review a CK10? I just got one and was wondering where you would put it on your list.
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    I definitely like to try an higher end AT some time. But at the moment, I haven't had any plan on them yet.
  5. meyameya
    you don't seem to be a sennheiser fan.. was hoping to get your thoughts on IE8 T_T
  6. fanmo
    Hello ClieOS
    Thank you for the great review thread. I was hoping you could help me. I love my Eternas but this time I'm looking for something a little different. I was thinking why not try BA instead of dynamic. Something more like my PL30s (in terms of clarity and presentation) but with some added bass. Might the A151 be what I'm looking for? It would be my first BA pair, so I am hoping that since the A151 are slightly warm, the transition from dynamic to BA will not be too harsh.
  7. kanuka
    as always nice review of the new soundmagic!
    i've got a general question:
    it's hard to decide which new iem to get. i think the main problem is that i dont know what signature is for me
    i like detail, clear (no recesed) vocals (specially female), but also a wide soundstage , and fun, decent bass impact (more quality than quantity) and sparkling treble/highs.
    but maybe im asking too much in only one iem?
    so which category/ies do you suggest to look? and what would be the best  matching signature.
  8. ClieOS Contributor

    I did review two Sennheiser earbuds last year, but the local price for IE8 is still too high (close to US$500) and there are other choices that I am more interested in and have better access to. I did ask Sennheiser if they can provide me with a review sample or demo unit and they referred me to the local distributor, which ultimately told me (after over three months of communication with multiple email exchange) that if I am interested in IE8, I can read other people's review instead.. Hmm, you can't say I didn't try [​IMG]

    I won't say A151 is PL30 with bass. PFE probably fit that description better. A151 is actually quite warm with a smooth treble. But for sub$100 and as an entry level BA based IEM, A151 by itself is a good IEM with good blend of sound and build quality.


    I think e-Q7 might fit your need, and e-Q5 too but on a smaller extent.

  9. kanuka


    thank you.
    but im sorry that i forgot to mention the budget limit. really sorry
    i was looking for 2 prince ranges:
    a sub $80-100
    and also sub $150-200
    i might even pick 2 iems
    thanks again
  10. ClieOS Contributor


    Kind of hard to find an IEM that has everything you are asking for. For sub$100, I am thinking MEElec SP51. Not sure about the $200 range.
  11. kanuka


    yes. i knew i might were asking too much
    thank you , i'll check the sp51.
    i guess, none of the head-direct/hifiman or sunrise sub $100 match? or at least not all "MY requirments" ?
  12. ClieOS Contributor

    The one that come close is Xcape-IE, but I thought SP51 fits better.
  13. kanuka


    thanks clieos
    i'm checking both.
    now, what about isolation , comfort and microphonics of the sp51 and Xp IE?
  14. ClieOS Contributor

    Here and here. They are both comfortable.
  15. kanuka

    the  sp51 isolation is  a little more than the Xp IE? do they isolate better than the pl50? and compared to the DBA-02?
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