1. nestea

    Westone or Shure

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum I'm not new to the "hi-fi" gear ( i've had a pair of etymotic hf3) but now i need some new IEMs. I've got an iPod touch (new generation) as mp3 player, and the new earpods dont sound bad, but i gave them to my cousin, so now i have nothing to hear music...
  2. solee09

    Looking for headphones under $150 USD for rock and acoustic genres

    Hi all,   I have the Westone UM2 IEMs, and I really love them. But, I've been looking to get a pair of on ear or over ear headphones. I am on a budget, though I am willing to go on ebay and buy used ones as well. What I'm looking for is something that would make my alterative rock, acoustic...
  3. TonyTripleA

    Do Westone UM2 require a burn in?

    Well I lost my etys. After two weeks without I ordered the Westone UM2s. Would you believe the same hour I ordered the UM2s I looked under the car seat and found the Ety ER4Ps sitting on the floor.... life.... full of surprises.... So, today the UM2s turned up. Great, I thought (despite...
  4. matto

    Calling ALL people who have sent back their IEM's for Repair at Westone!

    Hey guys I'd like to hear your experiences and hopefully the charges which you have incurred, I have just sent back my UM2's and have been told that the drivers are on one side are out of wack and need replacing.   Now this all seems fine UNTIL I'm told it's going to cost $80, which doesn't...
  5. Earbones

    Upgrading from Westone UM2... Suggestions?

    So my go-to earphones are Westone UM2's with a Plussound Exo cable (cryo-treated silver-plated copper). I'm looking for a nice upgrade. Before I go any further I should address three things: Firstly, many people hate the UM2s, I am not one of them. While I totally get that they don't provide...
  6. rumatt

    Fit identical to UM-1's, but cheaper?

    My girlfriend loves her Westone UM-1's, but she destroyed her first pair by wearing them at the gym.  Can anyone recommend a set of in-ear headphones that fits the same (uses the same ear pieces) but is cheaper?    She doesn't really care about sound quality but wants the fit and sound isolation...
  7. fanta

    Are there any headphones that COMPLETELY block out noise even w/o music playing?

    I'm renting an apartment and god it's noisy, so noisy. I'll pay up to 600 dollars for something that can give me peace and quiet. Make that a thousand. In-ear monitors aren't an option, they're too uncomfortable for me. This is something I'll be wearing every time I don't feel like listening...
  8. TabooPc

    Worst Headphones Above $100/$300

    Title says it all. What do you think are the worst sounding headphones above $100? What do you think are the worst (sounding + quality) headphones above $300? Just curious to see what comes up.
  9. kandywrks

    How to tell the difference between a cable problem and a driver problem?

    Hi,   I've owned the UM2RC for a month and they really are a step up from my previous set of earphones.   Recently, however, the right side seems to have less volume than the left. There is also a noticeable "cracking" sound when I increase the volume, especially prevalent on tracks with...
  10. Fungus

    Are the Westone epic cables identical to the one that originally came with the UM2/3X?

    Asking because the sound coming from the left side of the um3x rc is cutting in and out near the jack.  I really like the quality of the cable.  Looking to order the exact same cable but Westone don't seem to sell it anymore.   
  11. rdamato

    Best Value in a Dual Universal IEM for Stage Use

    I'm looking to try a 2 Driver pair. Just wondering if there is a sweet spot for price.   Best Ron
  12. Fungus

    Westone UM series housing size

    Are all the housing of the um1, um2 & um3x the same size?   Or does the size increase with each additional driver added? 
  13. ratfluids

    How does the EarSonics SM64 compare to the Westone UM2?

    I love my UM2s and the sound sig in general is really enjoyable to me, but I've been reading about possible upgrades, and I find the SM64 looks really interesting.  Descriptions I read of the SM3 a while back made me really curious and these are apparently more well-loved.  However, some reviews...
  14. cyberbot1124

    Westone 2 vs um2 vs se425

    hey guys, im recently stucked between choosing one of these earphones. i listened to pop songs most. bass and mids are very important to me but i dont care much about treble as long as they are not bad. i liked the fit from westone better but i hv no idea for three of them's sound quality...
  15. hockey_magnet

    Noble 3C vs CE BA4

    Looking to buy one of these two as my first ciem's. Already have Westone UM2's and Sony XBA H3's . Was wondering if any of the resident experts could comment on a comparison since the price is almost identical - My music is pretty eclectic - rock, r&b, folk, some jazz and pop so I'm looking for...
  16. deepoison

    Upgrade suggestion for westone um2

    Hey Guys,   I've been using Westone UM2 from past 2 years. One fine day, they got washed with my pants and my left bud is not working. So, I am looking to buy a new pair of earphones, which I am looking for suggestions.   I am not an audiophile, but I listen to music a lot with my Galaxy...
  17. oicdn


    I received my unit today, and all I can say is Equipment used was: Source: Laptop playing through iTunes and/or Foobar lossless and/or 128-256 AAC or mp3, iPod nano DAC: Keces DAC-151 (when used as JUST an amp) Interconnects: ALO Au/Ag, Turbodock Headphones: UM2, RP21, DT770, SR80 (my...
  18. EthanHarte

    Need a good IEM to pair with the X5. $200-300 range.

    So I just got the new FiiO X5 and I reallly love this player! I feel like im not getting all out of it though with just my Klipsch X7i's. I want to upgrade and get a good IEM that pairs well with the FiiO X5. Im not to sure how to search for this so this is why I am making a post here. Hopefully...
  19. hockey_magnet

    Universals vs Custom re sound and quality for the price

    I posted this in "Recommendations" but didn't get any response.   I know this is relatively subjective but.......   I've always bought universals - mostly mid priced like Westone UM2's. Shure's etc. I'm currently really liking my new Sony XBA H3's. The sound is pretty much as good as I want...
  20. Fonzi03

    IEM for riding

    Im looking for a good IEM for when I ride, im in the ~150 range and their are a million and one posts on them cant really decide. Im looking for something that has a good sound stage, not overwhelming bass but still good bass when I want it and good noise isolation a a neutral sound.
  21. cricketbaby

    Westone Range Signatures

    Hi,   I find myself in the market for some new (probably universal IEMs) after my XBA-40 gave up on me...   I'm looking through Westone products on various shopping websites, and reading reviews.   Can anyone sum up the main differences in sound signature between the W and UM ranges? Are...
  22. Gofre

    Unique Melody double/triple hybrid universals announced: UM 2X & 3X Discussion thread.

    On Twitter earlier today Unique Melody announced their entry into the universal headphone game with two new products, the dual driver 2X and triple driver 3X. They're both hybrid designs, so a single BA/dynamic configuration in the 2X and a dual BA with dynamic driver for the low end in the 3X...
  23. ActiveTechREV

    Which would you choose? Been eyeing one of these headphones - Se215, Westone Um pro 10, Westone UM2

    Which would you choose and why?  Thanks! Please state if you've heard/used these headphones before or not. Just curious.   Se215, Westone Um pro 10 Westone UM2
  24. mrarroyo

    38 Portable Amps Review

    It has been about 9 months since Rob (Vorlon1) and I did a portable amp comparison. Since then I have had an idea of going back and adding additional amps. I hope that the additional listening time and perspective of all these months allows us to provide a better insight especially as we all...
  25. zting

    Upgrade IEM Cable choices

    Hi All, I am looking at purchasing some upgrade cable for my westone 4r. So far i have found the following, all from ebay: Taiwan ALO 5N OCC Upgrade Cable for Westone 4R W4R um3x RC ES3 Custom – 59.99 USD...