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Universals vs Custom re sound and quality for the price

  1. hockey_magnet
    I posted this in "Recommendations" but didn't get any response.
    I know this is relatively subjective but.......
    I've always bought universals - mostly mid priced like Westone UM2's. Shure's etc. I'm currently really liking my new Sony XBA H3's. The sound is pretty much as good as I want But I've been considering customs like the Noble 3C mainly for fit, comfort and isolation, not having to be concerned about tips, etc. Aside from a direct comparison between something like the Noble 3C vs The H3's, I'm wondering if you tend to get better quality and sound with Universals for similar prices since universals can benefit from lower mass production costs and lower component costs based on higher demand. Any thoughts on this subject - Interested in hearing from those who have quality customs AND Universals. Pro's and Cons aside from the obvious resale advantage of Universals.

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