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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. LooptroopRocker
    Looking forward to both then :D
  2. PhoenixClaw
    Thanks for this! Very informative, and great selection! Currently using Westone UM-1s at the moment but I'll refer to this when its time to change
  3. desilver
    Hi, ClieOS,
    Audio Technica CKM-99, in terms of audio features into which category.
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    Can't really answer you that since I have yet to listened to any of the CKM series.
  5. desilver
    thank you.
  6. Katun
    Wow! I just found this thread and I'm really impressed ClieOS! Great work!
  7. airomjosh
    Good work, Clieos... i'm choosing between sunrise Xcape Impressive Edition and Brainwavz B2, which do you recommend?. I listen to rock, acoustics and pop. more power to you!
  8. ClieOS Contributor

    I don't have or listen to B2 before, so can't really comment on it.
  9. Watzzup
    Hello....check with you...the price for vsonic GR07....why the price is 999 yens for it ...which is like 12 usd?
    Did i make a mistake of the conversion or?
    Anyone bought from the website?
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    Yen is the Japanese currency. Yuan is Chinese currency - more precisely, it is called RMB. Google says the exchange rate is RMB1 to US$0.154 today.
    I believe that site is for China market only.
  11. rymd
    999 yuan = $154 USD, so it's about right.
  12. Watzzup
    that mean they made an error on the symbol?
    The Japanese yen ( or en?) (sign: ¥; code: JPY)
  13. rymd
    yen and yuan use the same symbol. the name yen is actually derived from yuan, as well as the korean won. they all sound the same, and come from the chinese meaning of yuan, "round," for the shape of coins...? or something. in international business they use codes like jpy and cny so it's not a problem, but i guess that site would be confusing if you can't recognise it's chinese
  14. chrislangley4253
    I think you should really note the quality control/build issue that several people have been having with the Impressive Edition. It sure is enough to scare me away until I found out exactly why that was happening to several people. 
  15. ClieOS Contributor


    There are build quality complaints on every single IEM if you look into it. People generally don't come to forum to compliment a headphone for not breaking down, but a few that do come to complain about break down will immediate cause a panic among the crowd like there is some kind of pandemic. It is hard to look into the big picture in a forum. I have had mine since the beginning and don't have any problem with it. I will note it down if I see a potential issue. If not, I won't. That's not to say it won't have a problem at all, just that I don't have any on mine.
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